Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Kia Whanau!!! 

This week has FLOWN by!! i can't believe i'm living my last week as a full time missionary and writing my last email! FAAAAA SO CRAZY!! 

I just wanted to tell all of you that i love you so much. i am SO grateful for the support all of you gave me. i feel it everyday. i love being a missionary and it painful thinking about leaving but i know that it my time to come home and start my next mission hahaha but really. i know there a big things planned for ALL of us together as a family. As we stick together and love each other we wil be blessed. i've learned so much about The Will of God and how we have to give up OUR will to know His. We have to give up EVERYTHING for him do SOMETHING with us. 

Can't wait to see yous next week!!!!!
May the Force be with you!
Kia Kaha 
Sister Judd....out

Monday, June 27, 2016


So Sister Taimona and i have been trying to achieve The Standards of Excellence for our mission and we needed 2 more new investigators and it was sunday...pretty hard to get. but we prayed hard and found those 2 like thirty minutes before church started!! SO EXCITED!!! we have also found another one by contacting a former investigator and talking to her friend that lives there now. YAY FOR NEW INVESTIGATORS!! we also had HEAPS of Less Active members come to church and we have been able to see them progress and come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. MISSIONARY LIFE IS THE BEST!! i love this place and the people SO MUCH!!! words cannot even explain how serving makes me feel.

SO surreal that next week is my last pday to email but i can't wait for the adventures that are coming our way!!!
Have a great week!! 
May the force be with you!
Kia Kaha!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Zone Conference and Makariri Days!


This week has been fast!! We went to a zone conference in Tauranga and had to say goodbye to President and Sister Rudd. SO HARD! just imagine 50+ missionaries standing side by side singing God be With You till We Meet Again as they walk out of the Marae. SO MANY TEARS! SO MANY! But i just keep reminding myself that i'm going to see them soon in august at our mission reunion hahaha it's all that kept me going. they have changed my life!!! 

It's also been SOO Makariri!!!! (cold) IT'S BEEN COLD! SO COLD! and we're pushing through. we've got heaters. heated blankets. and socks! good times. 

Well whanau! 



May the Force be with you!

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd

Stake Conference

Kia Ora Whanau!

This week has gone by SO QUICK!! Sister Taimona and i have been SMASHIN IT!! it's been so fun this past week! We had stake conference this week and sister taimona and i sang in the choir. it was really nice. we're looking around for someone who has a cello so that sister taimona and i can play something together because she plays the piano! The stake conference was SO good! They talked ALL about the temple and how we need to not take the blessings of the temple for granted and that the temple is for all of us to be a part and a family. missionary work was also a MAJOR part of both of the meetings. Elder Fata form the the area seventy talked to the adults about Opening their mouths and doing all they can to do missionary work. that missionary work isn't moving as quickly as it should because members aren't helping. they should be finding and we should be teaching. it was weird thinking that soon i'll be in the MEMBER missionary category and not the FULL TIME missionary category. SO WEIRD!!! AHHHH

There isn't anything really else to update on hahah sorry! we're just going with the flow and working hard. everything's going swimmingly :) i love New Zealand and i love being a misisonary. it is the best decision i have ever made. thank you to everyone who helped me make that decision. I LOVE MY HEAVENLY FATHER AND SERVING HIM. 

I love yous! 

May the Force be with you!

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd 



It is a new transfer!! and i have a new companion!! Her name is Sister Taimona and she is from New Zealand. Literally have had SO MUCH fun with her and we've only been together for 4 days. i love her and am so excited to spend this transfer with her!!!! 

This week we visited HEAPS of people and introduced Sister Taimona to the ward. it was so fun. i am loving my area and all these people that have been prepared for us. Yesterday at church President and Sister Rudd came to our ward and bore their testimonies and it was SO good to see them. i love them so much, it was so fun laughing with them. 

We are already seeing miracles and it is only day 1 of the transfer. SO EXCITED TO KEEP YOU UPDATED ON EVERYTHING THAT WILL HAPPEN THESE NEXT 5 WEEKS! i feel so good right now. this transfer is going to be SO GREAT!!! 

I GOT THE PACKAGE!! i literally almost died reading everybody's letters!! too tender for my heart. THIS JUDDLEFF AND HOOPER AND SMITH FAMILIES ARE MY FAVOURITE!!! thanks everyone for the letters! i read them every morning because they make me smile SO BIG! i can feel all the love and support that yous are sending over! 


have a good week!! i'm thinking about yous every day! 

May the Force be with you! 

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd

me and Sister Taimona right now

Sunday, May 29, 2016

What is my life?

This week i have been constantly asking myself, "what is my life?". i have been looking back on my mission and writing down things i have learned and miracles that may have slipped past my journal (because i am so slack at that) and all week i have been so confounded on my life. like HELLO i am in flippen New Zealand to start out. like what even is my life that i have been living in the most beautiful country in the world for the past 16 months? and i have been blessed amazing areas full of people who have taught me so SO much! i have made friends that i never would have met except here. i have grown spiritually to a place that i didn't even know existed and have learned so much about my Heavenly Father and how to live my life to be worthy to be in His presence one day. WHAT IS MY LIFE? and on top of all that i start my last transfer next week......the last.....melon. WHAT IS MY LIFE PEOPLE?? it is a weird life that i live here in the NZ but i love it so much. my heart actually hurts when i think about leaving behind this place and all of these people but this pain also motivates me to keep going. to keep fighting. to just keep swimming :) (sometimes i feel like we're swimming with all the dang rain we've had) 

but it's a great life. and i am beyond excited that silas gets to live this life in just a couple months!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm still not over my happiness hahahaha i've been litterally telling EVERYBODY that my little brother is going to Nevada on his mission!! Si, just think.......there are people in Nevada RIGHT NOW that are waiting for you to meet them! FAAAAAA that's so cool!! i can't wait. What is your life?? 

but besides me being so out of it with my life at the moment rotorua and all the people here are doing REALLY WELL!! we had such a good Sabbath yesterday and we're all just really. i never knew being this happy was possible. like up to this point in my life i have never been this happy, not even at Disneyland (even though that is a different kind of happy). i just......i'm so full. so full of happiness and joy and it surprises me because it gets more full everyday. Thanks goodness for my mission, it has saved my life and made me a happy and joyful person. AMENE! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSSSEEEEEEE REMEMBER ME ALL WEEK WHILST LAYING ON THE BEACH IN MEXICO!!!!! i'll buy a mango today and eat a piece all week to commemorate. 
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd...or shall i say Hermana Judd?? get it.....? mexico? 

okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's Beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

this week of emails has been so exciting!!!!! Man Graduation and a mission call! WAY TO BE SILAS! hahaha I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT YOU'RE GOING TO NEVADA! SO COOL! 

This week we have had rain. and rain. and cold. and rain. and more cold. IT'S BEEN FUN! i've been singing Christmas songs ALL week because it's colder than Christmas time right now. but what does New Zealand winter look like my friends? green. it's always green here!!! i love it. i know that it's warm and toasty where yous are right now but i wouldn't have life any other way. i can't even fathom that may is coming to a close this week. i'm in a bit of a denial about that but i'll get over it. time just moves without any notice. i feel like i was JUST emailing yous last week! faaa so weird! 

but this week has been so good! it's the last full week of the transfer and we're working so hard! i love this area and these people and i'm so excited for all the progress that is happening right now. 

Family, my life is so good right now! i'm just chuggin along and can't wait for what the next month and a bit will bring me!! it's exciting knowing that as i work hard there will be miracles up to the very end. i'll just keep swimming :) 

Stooge you're a noob :) hahahaha
Heber your hair is so special hahaha congrats on the sports awards!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL week!
May the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

Sunday, May 15, 2016

oh happy day!

This week has just been SO good. Yesterday i asked Sister Namariel "what happened this week that i can tell my family about?" (like i do every week haha) and she said "i don't know really what happened but it was just a good week". And i would just like to testify because it's been SUCH A GOOD WEEK. i don't know why it's just been great. 

we've had some amazing lessons with all the people that we're working with and they are all progressing really really well, they all have such a desire to serve God and others (shout out to kylee and her email) and because of that desire they are growing spiritually. i love watching people's testimony grow, i love seeing them read from the Book of Mormon and understand what they need to learn from it. i love when someone tells us their experience on how they came to know the message of the Restoration is true and how we have helped them know for themselves. I JUST LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. it just keeps getting better and better and i am always surprised and how much i learn every day. i'm really excited to continue to progress and be the person that Heavenly Father desires for me to be, even after my mission. Because we are ALWAYS progressing, if we desire to do so. and when we do, we will learn so much. Grow so much. and be closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

i just wanted to share something from my personal study this morning:
So i've been really pondering President Monson's talk in General Conference about Choices and how choices determine our destiny. i love that at the end he says, "May we maintain the courage to defy the consensus. May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day—whether to make this choice or that choice—if we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice." I LOVE THAT! and so when we choose Christ and decide to always follow him at all times and in all things and in all places every other choice we make after choosing Him will be the right one. We know that Christ won't lead us on crooked paths, they're only straight. and so when we decide to follow Christ he will help us make the correct choices after that. and so pondering on that i read Elder Dallin H. Oaks' talk about opposition and in it he says, "because it is opposition that enables choice and it is the opportunity of making the right choices that leads to the growth that is the purpose of the Father’s plan." Beautiful. There will be opposition in our lives, we're not exempt from that but it is the opposition that allows us to show our trust and enforce our faith in Jesus Christ and CHOOSE the right. and by doing that we grow. we become stronger. we gain experience that leads us closer to Heavenly Father. 


okay gotta go! i love yous!!!!!! have a good week! 
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

Monday, May 2, 2016


Kia Ora Whanau

This week has been SO FAST! and i just wanted to start out by telling all of you how much i love you. This week has helped me appreciate and help my testimony of eternal families grow. This week i am grateful for a dad who works SO hard for me and the rest of the family, who loves us so much and who makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. I'm grateful for a mum who works tirelessly for all of us as well and who takes care of me when i'm sick and reads with me on her bed :) I'm grateful for an older sister and a brother in law who support me while i serve the Lord and who love me. Kort and Jermy i love you heaps! i'm grateful for an older sister who is an AMAZING example to me. Your testimony and your strength, Jess, has helped me so much here in New Zealand. I have learned so much form you and your dedicated service and love to Heavenly Father. I', grateful for a little brother who isn't very little. Silas i am so SO SO excited for you to serve your mission! i tell EVERYBODY about you, and how proud i am of you. your determination to serve and your preparation has taught me so much! I'm grateful for a little brother who is my twin GWAYYYYYY. Stoogey you're so cool! You just want something and so you do it! That is going to help in SO many aspects of your life especially in the Gospel. I am grateful that you are a good example to your friends. KEEP IT UP! I'm grateful for my little baby brother. Hebs you're a boss. i can't believe how old and tall you are and how long your hair is hahaha. You're going to do amazing things as you continue to prepare for a mission and do well in school! i need brains like you! I am just really grateful for my crazy, funny, loud eternal family. there is an elder in our district who lost his dad last week and one of my recent companions lost her dad the week before and it has really put into perspective how much i love my family. i was reminded about my setting apart blessing and how i was promised that my "family would remain intact as i served the Lord" and i am SO grateful for that. i love all of yous so much and i don't know what i would do without you. i can feel your prayers and your support. 

On another note we had Zone Conferences with Elder Haleck of the Seventy who's in the Area Presidency and it was SO good. He told us to fight to the end. work till the end. so that's what i'm going to do. That was my plan already but now it's set. :) haha 

i can't wait to skype yous next week!!!! 

have a good week! 

May the force be with you

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd

ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDIO! sorry i didn't send this last week! i've been telling everyone how young my dad is hahahaha LOVE YOU!!! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Transfers and Such!

Kia ora Whanau sorry i don't have much time! 

this week was transfers and i get to stay here in roto-vegas with Sister Namariel again!! YAYYYYYY! we are SO excited to work hard this transfer! 

Aroha is doing SO good and we're working with Khan and his partner Melody and it's going great! I LOVE TEACHING FAMILIES! 

Seriously is the best thing being able to come into someone's home, sit down, teach them the gospel, and feel the spirit stay in the home as we leave. 

i love these people. i love the gospel. i love New Zealand. 

sorry the email is blinkin short. i'll manage my time better next week. 


may the force be with you

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference!

Kia Ora Whanau!
This week was SO good! Particularly this weekend! I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE! It's weird still to me sitting in the chapel for it but i could just smell the crepes from the other side of the world hahaha

I just wanted to talk about a few talks that i really liked because there isn't much to update yous on this week. Baptism tomorrow so there'll be photos next week :)

-okay first talk! I LOVED Elder Mervyn B. Arnold's talk about rescuing others. He's the one that cried heaps and knowing me that means i cried heaps as well. (it was a very emotional conference for me this year hahaha i just cried pretty much every talk) I just really liked the message of knowing that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can go to the rescue and help those that are lost. That was a very common topic this year and i'm grateful for that. We can all help someone who is struggling. it doesn't take much. it may take some sacrifice but it's worth it when they are able to return back to the fold of God. WE ALL CAN Go TO THE RESCUE! 

-I also REALLY enjoyed Elder Gary E. Stevenson's talk about the Priesthood and Priesthood Keys. That was a touching one for me especially, because the work i am doing is under the direction of the Priesthood. and nothing in this Gospel can function without it. i specifically liked what he said about boys (aka my brothers) preparing for missions. He said that it is never too early to prepare for missionary service. I LOVE THAT!! i just thought about my three brothers back home who all hold the Priesthood and who are all preparing for missions :) it made me so happy. i'm so proud of you Si and Stoogey and Hebs! You're each going to make AMAZING missionaries and Heavenly Father will bless you while you're out because of the preparation you did before! YOU'RE AMAZING! 

-I wish i could talk about more but my fingers can't type fast enough :) but i loved President Uchtdorf's talk and also President Monson's. i think that it is very fitting that the message Heavenly Father wanted all of us to know was about us and our choices. "our choices determine our destiny" That's SO true and so important to realize or remember. Everything we do has a consequence, whether good or bad. and because we know where we want to go, back to be with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families, the choices we make matter. and they don't just matter to us but to those around us as well. being on my mission has shown me that. i CHOSE to serve and no i'm here meeting so many amazing people. i have CHOSEN to let the gospel change me and my testimony has grown and i have become someone new. i see people EVERY DAY make choices that they would never think about making before just so that they can be closer to God. they CHOOSE to pray every day. They CHOOSE to read the Book of Mormon. They CHOOSE to give away things that are holding them back. and then they are blessed. their families are blessed. i have been reflecting back on what i've learned on my mission on writing it all down and i have just come to the realization of the choice i made to come here and how eternally grateful i am for that choice. i am who Heavenly Father desires for me to be and i'm not all the way there but the CHOICES i make for the rest of my life will get me there. And it all comes back to Jesus Christ. One of the last things President Monson said was "Choose to follow Jesus Christ". When we choose Him everything works out. i KNOW it with all my heart because i've seen it first hand. i wish i could express how grateful i am for the choice i made. my testimony has started here in New Zealand and the choices i make for the rest of my life will be because of what i have learned here. 

may the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temple Trip and Baptism Prep

Kia Ora Whanau! 

This week went by SO QUICK!! 

We went to the Temple on Thursday and it was EXACTLY what i needed. it was like a breath of fresh air....and breathing Rotorua everyday it was definitely needed hahahaah nah jokes. i love the smell. i actually can't recognize it anymore so it's all good. but i loved the Temple, i learned so much and it was able to help me in our area with our investigators and everything else that i didn't even know i needed help in hahaha ANYBODY WHO CAN GO TO THE TEMPLE GO! do it for me stu.....hahahaha Grinch. good times. 

speaking of the grinch and's starting to get cold here!!! Time to bring out the thermals and electric blanket and coats!! WHOOOPEEEEEEE i'm bracing myself don't worry. 

But this week and next will be full on with Baptism prep! YES I LOVE BAPTISM PREPARATION! Aroha's baptism is on the 12th and Khan's is on the 16th. We're all just getting everything organized, staying strong, focused and loving life. I feel so blessed to be here with all of these people. i'm reminded EVERY time i feel the spirit that this is where i'm supposed to be. these people are who i'm supposed to be around. and it's the best feeling ever. i love meeting these people but feeling like we've already met before, building a strong relationship that last longer than 18 months and i love growing. i've grown so much in just these 6 weeks that i've been in Rotorua and i'm so excited for what Heavenly Father has ready for me these last 3 months. BRING IT! 

Thanks you for EVERYTHING!!!! Especially mum and dad and the rest of the whanau. i can feel your love and all your prayers. sorry again dad i have been a horrible police man's daughter...when i got the ticket i was laughing so hard after i drove away and said "i bet my dad is cringing right now!" hahahaha SORRRRRRRYYYYY! Just smile and wave and wave. 

stay safe...especially you boys! 
may the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Splendid Week!

Kia Ora Whanau! Sorry don't have much time spent too much of it sending photos!

but not much to say about this week! It was really good! Khan and Aroha came to church again and they love the prep for their baptism! 

Sister Pagofie went home on thursday so Sister Namariel and i are just adjusting to being just the two of us but it's good. i love my little Vanuatu, she has a powerful testimony and works SO HARD! it's the best. 

I just want all of you to know how much i love my mission. how much i love serving the Lord and doing His will. i don't know if yous can tell but i have changed SO much here in New Zealand and this country will always be a sacred place for me. I am grateful for all the times i have been prepared for my mission. For mum and dad for supporting me and trusting me and loving me throughout my life. my testimony is what it is because you two have a strong testimony and instilled it in me, in all of us kids. I'm so grateful and love yous so much. 

Continue to prepare yourselves to serve the Lord in any way possible. 

there's this new easter video that the church ahs put out and we have watched it SOOO much these past couple weeks and it has helped me ponder how Jesus Christ has given me new life. as you watch it i invite all of you to think about how Jesus Christ has given you new life and what you can do to show your love and thanks to Him. 

Kia Kaha
May the force be with you
Sister Judd

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kia Ora Whanau! sorry this computer wouldn't let me make a subject but all good! :)

This week was SO good! they just keep getting better and better! 

We had 5 investigators at church and it was the best moment during the sacrament....i was praying and then i looked over ant Aroha and Khan and they were both reading their Book of Mormon and really feeling the Spirit of the Sacrament and it was just a really good moment in time. 

We had another amazing lesson with Khan on Friday. We taught him about the Priesthood and it was just really cool because the whole time we were teaching him he was holding his little son, Malachi, and it was just really REALLY cool having him tell us all the experiences that led up to him being set for a baptismal date. He is so prepared and is excited to bless his baby and hold the priesthood to bless his family and it's just great. 

have an amazing week whanau! 
may the force be with you
Kia Kaha!
Sister Judd

Monday, March 14, 2016

BAPTISMS! and Soakin in the Love!

Kia Ora Whanau! 
This week has been MEAN AS! I LOVE MY COMPANIONS SO MUCH!! It's sad to see Sister Pagofie go but we're all working really hard until she goes next week :) she's the best! 

This week we had another MEAN lesson with Aroha and Khan the ones i was talking about last week, with the spiritual explosion. We set them for BAPTISM!! YAYYYYY!! it was an amazing experience because we fasted and prayed about when to set them and we had a couple dates for each of them and the answer came to us that we would know what day to set them for when the time came to invite them. so we had an amazing lesson set them for a week in april! Aroha on a Tuesday, it's the date that came haha, and Khan that Saturday! it'll be a great week. These two people have blessed my life so much, it's unreal how much love someone can feel fo a person they have only known for 2 weeks and i feel like only another missionary can really understand. but i love them with all my heart. when we set them for baptism i felt the Holy Ghost whisper to me that these two have been prepared for SO long just for me and my two companions. and i know that is true. These experiences that we having with them are beyond anything i've had my whole mission and it's because they are truly prepared by the Lord. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! 

Also remember Frank? Well he came to church along with Aroha and Khan. and Frank loved it! he was all smiles the whole time. we figured out how old he is and he is a whoppin 86!! But he is so flippen funny and we al realized that we are the best of friends this week. he is going to sing us the scottish national anthem before Sister Pagofie leaves, he claims he doesn't know it but that's a bowl of lies hahahaha. i've got a photo of him so i'll send it after the email. 

Thanks for all the prayers and support, i can feel it. really i can. and i love all of you for it. 
Have an amazing week! 
may the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd


Monday, March 7, 2016


Kia Ora Whanau!

This week has FLOWN by! i can't believe i'm emailing you already! This week has been so fun! Just a couple things:
We met this Scottish man, Frank, walking down the street last sunday and he is my new best friend. (now just flash back and remember how much i love old people okay?) So he actually stopped us because he thought Sister Namariel was from South Africa hahah because of her darker cloloured skin haha and so we started talking to him and found out that his wife just recently passed away so it's just him and his dog, lucy. So we made a time to go back and see him, and let me jsut tell you folks HE IS BY FAR THE CUTEST OLD MAN EVER. yes, i have shed some tears because of his cuteness. when we went over last week he showed us heaps of his family photos and just talked and taught us so much. we sang him some hymns and he loves them. we made a day to go back which was saturday and then found out that there was a baptism going on so like 30 minutes before the baptism we went over and said "frank! wanna come to a baptism with us?" and he said "why,sure that sounds good". SO HE CAME TO THE BAPTISM! he brought Lucy and we all had a grand ol time. he says classic old man things really loud like, "wow that's a really big lady" as a lady was getting down form speaking oh man it was so hard not to laugh. and he told sister Pagofie to sit up straighter and it was just a beautiful day. WE LOVE FRANK! 

We also had an AMAZING lesson on monday night with Aroha, and Kahn. and all i gotta say is that Heavenly Father prepares the elect when we prepare for them. and when that happens there is a spiritual explosion that occurs, AND IT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER. i love teaching The Restoration and seeing and feeling the Spirit testify to the heart of the people that what they are hearing is true. and when they let the spirit in and accept it and want to change because of it? best feeling ever. 

i know i say this like every week. but  i just love being a missionary. like so much and i'm so grateful to be here serving these people i have been called to. 

Remember that there is ALWAYS light when we trust in Christ. Read Ether 3 and enjoy :)

May the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Roto-vegas and TRIO!

Kia Ora Whanau! 

i have spread my wings and got kicked out of Tauranga! I'm now in a place called Rotorua..or as they say here ROTOVEGAS! It really is like vegas hahahaha SO MANY TOURISTS! I'm also in a TRIO!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! don't let people deceive you that trios are horrible because i love my two companions! One is from Vanuatu (go look it up!) and her name is Sister Namariel, and then my other companion is Sister Pagofie! i know it's not much to you but this is SO CRAZY!!!! because sister Pagofie and Namariel were some of my sisters that i was able to serve while i was STl and now i'm with them! AND Sister Pagofie and i have been SO close throughout my mission and we always joked how cool it would be if i could kill her (be her last companion haha mish slang) and now it has happened!! AAAAANNNND she's from there's that. it's been a very VERY fun couple of days! The Lord loves us! 

So Rotorua is like a wanna be baby Yellowstone. So remember when we went there a couple summers ago and t
Kia Ora Whanau! 

i have spread my wings and got kicked out of Tauranga! I'm now in a place called Rotorua..or as they say here ROTOVEGAS! It really is like vegas hahahaha SO MANY TOURISTS! I'm also in a TRIO!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! don't let people deceive you that trios are horrible because i love my two companions! One is from Vanuatu (go look it up!) and her name is Sister Namariel, and then my other companion is Sister Pagofie! i know it's not much to you but this is SO CRAZY!!!! because sister Pagofie and Namariel were some of my sisters that i was able to serve while i was STl and now i'm with them! AND Sister Pagofie and i have been SO close throughout my mission and we always joked how cool it would be if i could kill her (be her last companion haha mish slang) and now it has happened!! AAAAANNNND she's from there's that. it's been a very VERY fun couple of days! The Lord loves us! 

So Rotorua is like a wanna be baby Yellowstone. So remember when we went there a couple summers ago and thought it smelt so FLIPPEN bad? yeah i live with that! :) it's fun! there's places here that as we drive by the sewer drains there's just this smelly rotten egg steam coming out. We call it Rotorua Farts. and there's all these parks that just have these rotorua farts coming out that we're going to today so i'll send some photos next week :) i already love it here SO much! the people here are so fun and loving, like it's unreal. 

okay well i'm out time and don't have much more because that's pretty much all i have done this week :) nah we work hard and have seen so many miracles already! I LOVE THIS LIFE IT'S THE BEST! 

I'll have more for yous next week and WAYYY more photos! :) love you! 

Kia Kaha
May the force be with you
Love you
Sister Judd
hought it smelt so FLIPPEN bad? yeah i live with that! :) it's fun! there's places here that as we drive by the sewer drains there's just this smelly rotten egg steam coming out. We call it Rotorua Farts. and there's all these parks that just have these rotorua farts coming out that we're going to today so i'll send some photos next week :) i already love it here SO much! the people here are so fun and loving, like it's unreal. 

okay well i'm out time and don't have much more because that's pretty much all i have done this week :) nah we work hard and have seen so many miracles already! I LOVE THIS LIFE IT'S THE BEST! 

I'll have more for yous next week and WAYYY more photos! :) love you! 

Kia Kaha
May the force be with you
Love you
Sister Judd

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Baptisms and WHO AM I... 24601

Kia Ora Whanau! This weeks has been SO GOOD!! as you can tell by the photos we had a baptism on Saturday! Shekainah was SO excited and her mum came to the baptism which is such a miracle! The Spirit was incredible and i'm just reminded how amazing this work is when i see someone walk into the font and as i witness the saving ordinance that will bring her back to her Father in Heaven. I AM OBSESSED WITH MISSIONARY WORK!

Also i have discovered so much, no like SO MUCH, about who i am and who Heavenly Father sees me as. hence the Les Mis quote...pretty much the only person who will get it is Kylee and her sisters but that's okay. i have figured it out people! I KNOW WHO I AM! I KNOW WHO I'M BECOMING! LIFE IS GOOD!

I would just like to say how much i love being here in new Zealand and having enough time left to say that i only have a few more months is so scary and really exciting at the same time. i love it here and i love how my life has changed a long with all the other people i get the opportunity to help. I'm so grateful for the Spirit, for all Heavenly Father has taught me and for my relationship with Him. I know ALL of this is Him and i'm grateful.

May the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

ps si bump some loud as country music in your truck for me! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Kia Ora Whanau! This week has been a lot better than last week :)

We have a baptism this week and we are SO STOKED! Can't wait to tell you all about it.
I am so grateful for the blessing of being pulled and stretched to become the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Sometimes I think or say something and then I think "who are you sister judd?" hahaha and i'm so excited to be this person. to be the person Heavenly Father has made me, on my mission and off as well. this week has made me reflect on something jess said when she was still on the mish and I think was about at the same place left that I do and she said that she has to remind herself to just keep swimming and because of that I've had dory stuck in my head allllll week. and i'm grateful for the reminder that if we just keep swimming, kicking, stroking, we will make it. if we stop, we sink. we lose the race. we don't make it to the end. and I want to make it. and I want to be stronger at the end of it.

May the force be with you
Just keep swimming :)
Kia Kaha
sister Judd

Monday, February 8, 2016

it's been a SCORCHER

sorry whanau this email is going to be short but this week has been full of trials that have been testing my faith and miracles mixed in.

Everyone who has served a mission knows that rejection is hard. they know that pain that comes from it when the people who feel like family tell you to not come back. they know how it feels like a part of you is gone when the door gets shut. and that's what our day was yesterday. it's hard but I gospel is true and I need to stay strong for the other people that Heavenly Father has prepared for me and my companion. But when trials come if we are faithful miracles follow. We set one of the little girl in the pictures I sent, Shekainah, and she is so excited to be baptized. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Have a fun Superbowl
enjoy the beyonce concert
May the force be with you
Kia Kaha

Sister Judd  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

"...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same"

So this week has been so fun! We got a call on Wednesday telling us that we were to drive up to Auckland on Saturday to see Elder D. Todd Christofferson!!!! WHAT? So that happened. We drove up and got to hear Elder Kevin W. Pearson, his wife and Sister Christofferson and then Elder Christofferson spoke last. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! Before the conference started all 400 plus missionaries (from our mission and also the Auckland mission) got to go up and shake his hand! it was such a cool experience. Something that really stood out to me as Elder Christofferson was speaking was that we all he's got jokes hahahaha he is SO funny! He was there because the flight that they were going to take to go to one of the islands got cancelled so they said "what should we do?" so they decided to come here and see us! :) it was an amazing day.

Something that i loved from the conference was the fact that we ALL knew Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father before we lived here on earth. We knew them personally. We walked and talked with them. and because of that it means that we have ALWAYS had a testimony of the Saviour and his Gospel. We just have to remember. He said, "don't ever think that you don't have a do!" So we need to remember, we need to feel the spirit and let our souls speak to us as we serve others and read the Book of Mormon. i love that! whether we're going through a hard time and our faith is tested, or we might think that we don't have a testimony at all.....we just need to remember or learn that it doesn't matter that you feel like you don't have a testimony right now because you already have it! You've had it since the premortal life! that's something really special and makes me cherish and treasure my testimony even more.

Also something that we did yesterday at church was go over the goals for the Pacific Area. The goals that the Area presidency has made for us is

1. Honour the Sabbath Day at home and at church
2. Increase Spiritual and Temporal Self--Reliance
3. Hasten the Work of Salvation
4. Seek the Blessings of the Temple

I actually really love these goals and something that the Area Presidency invited everyone to do was to hold a family council and discuss these goals and then make goals and plans to achieve those goals as a family. i really wanted to be with yous so that we could do this together but yous can still do it! :) hold a family council and find ways that you can do these goals as a family. i know that if you do the unity of the family will grow and you will be able to feel the spirit in greater abundance.

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVE! have fun packing :)
have a good week!
love yous!
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts

Kia Ora Whanau!

Not gonna lie, this week has been long and rough but still had so many miracles!

This week was MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) where all the Zoe Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, Assistants, and President and Sister Rudd get together and talk about the needs and concerns of the mission. We call it Jedi Council. it was my first Jedi Council and it was amazing. It was so cool to be there representing the sisters that I have responsibility over and going seeking for ways to help them. We talked about so many different things, like you do at a Jedi Council, but one of the main things we discussed was the culture of our mission. And how as leaders we have to own the culture in order to change it. and I was thinking about that n terms of life. We each have our own "culture", the way we live our lives, and if we want to change it we have to own it and take a stand. But there may be some who like the way their culture is going, so we need to take a step back, look at it from Heavenly Father's point of view and decide if it needs a few changes here and there. If we own our culture and become what we want it to be then we can help others along the way as well.

Along with the Jedi Council we had a worldwide broadcast for ALL missionaries from the missionary department. And they talked about what our mission culture should be which is to "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts". All the different things we, as missionaries can do to fulfil that. In 3 Nephi 11, Christ has just appeared to the people in the Americas and really the only things he talks about in that chapter is repenting and being baptized. it actually talk about baptism 13 times in the one chapter. That's what Christ wants us to do. Bring people to repentance so that they can be baptized.

Life is good people. Hard. But Good.
stay cool
may the force be with you
kia kaha
Sister Judd

Monday, January 18, 2016

Have Miracles Ceased? I Say Unto You Nay!!

Kia Ora!
Brethren, let me be clear: there is nothing noble or impressive about being cynical. Skepticism is easy—anyone can do it. It is the faithful life that requires moral strength, dedication, and courage. Those who hold fast to faith are far more impressive than those who give in to doubt when mysterious questions or concerns arise.
But it should not surprise us that faith is not valued by society. The world has a long history of rejecting that which it does not understand. And it has particular trouble understanding things it cannot see. But just because we cannot see something with our physical eyes does not mean it doesn’t exist. Indeed, “there are more things in heaven and earth … than are dreamt of” in our textbooks, scientific journals, and worldly philosophies. The universe is filled with wonders profound and astonishing—things that can be comprehended only through spiritual eyes.
When we choose to believe, exercise faith unto repentance, and follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, we open our spiritual eyes to splendors we can scarcely imagine. Thus our belief and faith will grow stronger, and we will see even more.9
Brethren, I testify that even in the toughest of times, the Savior will say to you as He said to an anxious father on a crowded street in Galilee, “Be not afraid, only believe.”10
We can choose to believe.
For in belief, we discover the dawn of light.
We will discover truth.11
We will find peace.12
Because of our belief, we will never hunger, never thirst.13 The gifts of God’s grace will enable us to be true to our faith and will fill our soul like “a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”14 We will experience true and lasting joy.15
Therefore, my dear friends, my beloved brethren in the priesthood of God:
Have courage to believe.
Be not afraid, only believe.
I double testify to what President Uchtdorf has said.

this week has been so fast and so great! heaps of emotions but we're all goods!
this week was transfers and Sister Flake got taken away from me :( it was a sad couple of days but I know that she is going to do MIRACLES in her new area. My new companion is from Samoa and her name is Sister Moli. she has been out for 6 months and just left her first area, which was my first area! Manurewa, Finlayson Ward. happy little coincidence there :)

This week we had....wait for it.......TEN INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH! Don't ask me how it happened because I really have no idea. I do know that we have been accessing the Lord's power so much more lately by fasting twice a week and I can feel and see the changes it has brought. Just the differences in the people we were seeing before and now has blown my mind.

one of the miracles this week was with a less active member Paremaemae (have fun pronouncing that haha). she has a non member daughter who wants to be baptized but recently Paremaemae realized that Tewai wouldn't be able to be baptized if her, as the mother and support wasn't active and was still smoking. she told us her desire for Tewai and to stop smoking and we told her that we would do the 15 step program with her and she is ready. keen as and ready to make this step closer to Heavenly Father not just for her daughter but for her. it was SO cool! because missionaries have been working with Paremaemae for ages and she's finally ready to make this step. i'm so proud of her.

I love yous HEAPS and hope you have a great week!
May the Force be with you!
Kia Kaha!
Sister Judd

ps one of our members told me some spoilers about the new star wars movie!!!! OH MY GOODNESS


Sunday, January 10, 2016


Okay so this week was the coolest and most miraculous week of my mission. So much happened so I'm just going to pull a Kylee and just list everything.
1. We found 12 new investigators this week! TWELVE! Everyone that we talked to were just SO prepared and ready to learn about the Gospel. it was just so fun to be a part of all of those miracles!
2. Our investigator Tammy is set for baptism! She is so ready. I don't know if I shared this before but she helped her sister get baptized and then she didn't think it was her time and now she is even more prepared! YAY!!!!
3. We have a Part Member family, Derusha and Villi, and we have been meeting with them for ages now. Villi is not a member and has met with missionaries for years. He is Tongan and really converted to the Bible, his main concern is the Book of Mormon. So we had a really good discussion with him and the spirit was really strong, and now he's set for baptism! I don't know how it happened but it did and we are SO excited :)
4. We had an amazing experience with Jessica's mission hahaha we went to go see two less active members who haven't been to church in AGES and they never let the missionaries in. she is from the Philippines and turns out she was born and raised in the mission jess went to! and the husband served there! so they were about to kick us out until I told them that my sister served there and nek minute we were sitting in their house and they were telling me heaps about the Philippines and giving me stuff to give to Jessica. it was a huge miracle. Jessica serving there has even helped people in New Zealand! It's so cool the way the Lord works!
5. We also had 2 nice visits with a Less Active slash Part Member family who we had just met and we really bonded with them. We invited them to church because the parents haven't been because of different reasons that have kept them from church for YEARS and on sunday sister flake leans over to me and whispers "don't look now but he's here" and it was on of the happiest moments I have had.
6. we had a less active and her non member partner come to church as well. we saw them walking in  during the opening song and we were freaking out with joy.
7. Leah, our recent convert, spoke in Sacrament Meeting. She is on FIRE and so ready to help us and work with us. we love her.
8. Tammy and her three kids were at church as well!
As you can see it's been an amazing week. those are just SOME of the miracles that I have time to write down but I am just so overwhelmed with this week. When I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting surrounded by all the people whom we had invited I had this impression "Heavenly Father is showing you all the work you have put into this area and loving these people. He is proud of you. You are working hard." I know that I am supposed to be here for a reason. Here in Tauranga, here in New Zealand, here at this time. This work is so amazing. I am obsessed with it.

I love you!
I Hope all is going well!
May the Force be with you!
Kia Kaha!
Sister Judd

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Baptism and Attack of the Birds

Kia Ora Whanau! WHAT A WEEK! So much has happened! 

Okay i'll start with the baptism. We had Leah's baptism on Tuesday and it was SO GOOD!!!! The spirit was very powerful as her non member family members were there to witness the baptism. They were able to feel the spirit and truly see why Leah made this decision. It was a super amazing great day. it's all in the photos so just look at those hahaha :)

Tuesday was just a busy day in general. After the baptism we went over to Kate's house for her little girl's Frozen themed birthday party. It was the one form last week when we're making snowflakes and such. and the party was so cute! We met heaps of people and had fun with all the cute little kids. just imagine how fun i had if you remember how much i love Frozen hahahaha :) 

then later that night we went to an American Family's house for dinner and it was super yum. Sister Flake and I feel at home there because of the little kids running around everywhere, the american food, and just being with them. So, story about this evening at the Preston's house. It was after we all ate and i was sitting with one of the little boys, Owen who is being potty trained, and we were playing on those magnetic boards where you can draw on it and then wipe it away. anyway i was showing him shapes while Brother Preston and Sister Flake were having a conversation. while i am listening to them discuss pros of living in New Zealand i feel this warm trickle run down my leg. so i silently look down and see his pee going down my i just stare at for a good 30 seconds while more pee gets squirted on me. so finally i just look up with fear and raise my hand. when brother Preston looks over to me i silently say "uhmm i think your son just peed on me". Owen and i will always share a special bond now. So there you have it kids. Sister Judd got peed on this week. (pictures will be included with this email.)

This week we also had our cute little family come to church. Tammy and Naomi came and they were asking us heaps of questions about baptism and the temple and it was just really great. We are going over to their place tomorrow and talk more about baptism. it's amazing how quick Heavenly Father is moving the work along here in Otumoetai. We love it. There are always people to teach and always ALWAYS miracles. 

okay one last funny story, and with this story you have to remember how terrified of birds i am. We were at a Less Active's home, Aunty Dulcie. And Aunty Dulcie lives on heaps of land and she has chickens and birds and sheeps and any other wild thing that decides to wander around her property. She always has her doors open and she lives practically outside anyway and last night we were with her and this bird came into the part of the house that we were in and i flipped out man. so then this little bird just decides to perch on the TV and taunt me and then it flies around the room and i'm just sitting there trying to keep my cool but doing a good at all and then it 'flies' out the door but actually just flew right into the closed part of the sliding door and just falls to the ground and i'm flippin out man. so aunty dulcie goes over and saves the bird like the cute little mother nature that she is and lifts it and it flies away. my heart was beating so hard and my hands were sweating. it was a traumatizing experience for me. 

So as you can tell this week has been very interesting. 
I love you all!!!!!!!
Remember who are and what you stand for! 
May the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd