Monday, December 14, 2015

Tone Deaf Christmas Carols and Pulling out Trees

FAMILY! This week has been super fast, super fun, and super exhausting.
I think this has the been the quickest week i've had on my mission, and the most eventful one. I'll try and update you on some of the stuff we did.
So at the beginning of the week we got to have a little road trip and drive over to Hamilton! Sister Flake was in a meeting and so i got to stay at the Visitor's Centre while she was with all the other leaders in the meeting. It was so fun to be back again. I got to see all my lovely sisters i served and most importantly i got to see Sister Lualua! It was so good to see my daughter :) she is doing so well.
We also have been singing so much these past couple of weeks with Christmas coming. We just sing carols to anyone that we can. So a funny thing that happened this week was that we were at this old lady's house and she is so sweet but she doesn't let us read from anything because she doesn't want us to 'preach' to her so we usually just watch Mormon Messages and then sing a hymn for her. But she is kinda deaf and so she usually just compliments us on the tune of the song because she doesn't usually hear the words hahaha so this time we sang "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" and a couple words into it she recognized what song it was and started very loudly singing along with us, and if you remember what i said earlier...she can't hear very well. SO if she can't hear us she definitely couldn't hear herself. So here we all are happily singing along to this lovely Christmas Carol and her face is SO HAPPY! It was the cutest thing ever. and so Sister Flake starts getting the giggles because of the tone deafness and her happy face and then i get the giggles so we're just taking turns giggling as we sing and she has no idea because she's just sitting over there singing along to her own tune...all three verses of her song were the same as well. It was such a fun experience. it made my heart hurt because she's so cute.
Hah i just realized this next story is about ANOTHER old lady :) So Aunty Dulcie lives on a farm with heaps of sheep. And Aunty Dulcie is getting so old she can't do much anymore. So the Elders and us take turns going over and feeding her sheep and mowing her lawn and al lthe other good stuff. So on Saturday we went over there thinking we were just going to hop on her lawn mower and mow the lawn but instead she had us cutting down trees and pulling the roots out of the ground. We didn't take any before pictures but let me just tell ya it looked SO nice after. I worked on this one tree for a good hour cutting the roots and wedging it out of this little corner of the yrad and I FINALLY GOT IT!!! IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER! That darn tree. Here's what i did after i got it out hahaha. If anyone needs a tree pulled out.......don't call me. Because my body is still super sore.
Last thing i wanted to talk about was our Christmas Fireside that the Stake put on. it was SOO GOOD! And Sister Flake and i sung in the choir. So many pretty songs! I've been feeling weird lately because it's Christmas time but it doesn't even feel like it. It's hot and summery here and there's no family around me so it's just a normal day or something. But last night at the fireside as we were singing all these Christmas songs it hit me and it actually feels like Christmas. No matter where you are in the world right now. People are singing. and people are rejoicing. and people are praising the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. And then i thought to myself, it doesn't have to be winter, it doesn't have to be a time surrounded by family. If you're rejoicing in the birth of your Saviour and that is what you're focused on it will be Christmas to you. and it'll be the best Christmas ever. But i am SUPER stoked to skype yous in a couple weeks!! it's been so long! So get ready to see my face soon :)
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Heber! STOP GROWING HOLY FLIP!! Have an amazing birthday! I'll be thinking about you!!