Sunday, June 26, 2016



It is a new transfer!! and i have a new companion!! Her name is Sister Taimona and she is from New Zealand. Literally have had SO MUCH fun with her and we've only been together for 4 days. i love her and am so excited to spend this transfer with her!!!! 

This week we visited HEAPS of people and introduced Sister Taimona to the ward. it was so fun. i am loving my area and all these people that have been prepared for us. Yesterday at church President and Sister Rudd came to our ward and bore their testimonies and it was SO good to see them. i love them so much, it was so fun laughing with them. 

We are already seeing miracles and it is only day 1 of the transfer. SO EXCITED TO KEEP YOU UPDATED ON EVERYTHING THAT WILL HAPPEN THESE NEXT 5 WEEKS! i feel so good right now. this transfer is going to be SO GREAT!!! 

I GOT THE PACKAGE!! i literally almost died reading everybody's letters!! too tender for my heart. THIS JUDDLEFF AND HOOPER AND SMITH FAMILIES ARE MY FAVOURITE!!! thanks everyone for the letters! i read them every morning because they make me smile SO BIG! i can feel all the love and support that yous are sending over! 


have a good week!! i'm thinking about yous every day! 

May the Force be with you! 

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd

me and Sister Taimona right now

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