Monday, August 17, 2015

Time Out for Missionaries and Sunlight

Well hello there family!

This week has been so cool!!! 

First of all, there has been sunlight and it has been glorious. So nice to have sunlight on my skin. but also weird not being wet like all the time. so that happened. 

Another thing that happened was far better than the sun. So Brad Wilcox, David Archuleta, and Elaine S. Dalton (old General Young Women president) came to the NZ for Time out For Women and some of the zones in the mission got to go on thursday and have a little devotional with Brad Wilcox and David Archuleta and President Nielsen from the Area Presidency. It was SOO good. David sang 4 songs and Brad Wilcox is such a god teacher it's unreal. After we got to talk to them for a tiny amount of time before they had to leave so we got to shake David's hand and thank him for the day. it was great. he's adorable. 

But, the story gets better. The next day Sister Lualua and I were on the morning shift at the VC so we walk in and i look over to my right and Sister Elaine S. Dalton and all these other people are standing there with her so we got to show her around the VC and talk with her and then they left to go to the temple session that was starting and right after they left David Archuleta walks in and we are just casually talking with him and it's like no big deal. and then he asks me where the restroom was and i took him. yeah i took David Archuleta to the restroom. what of it kids? it was fun. We got to take a picture with him and show him around the VC before they left. So it was an odd morning that we had. but so fun. 

other than meeting a famous person on my mission, i'm actually doing missionary work too. We set Tara and Patrick and they'll be getting baptized really soon!!! they are the cutest and are so keen to be baptized. they want it to be this week but we haven't even taught them everything yet. hahah when we talked to tara on sunday we asked her how her prayers were going and she said "i haven't stopped." it was the best thing ever! 

This work is amazing people! i love it. 
Stay safe and stay cool. 

Kia Kaha 
Sister Judd