Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Birthday Miracles and General Women's Session

Kia Ora Family! What up? My names Sebastion. sorry, that just came out. didn't plan it.

This week was so good!! So on my Birthday we had a cliche missionary lesson at a bus stop and was seriously the coolest thing ever. We had an AMAZING lesson and as the bus came she was like getting on the bus but yelling out her address for us and we gave her our number on the VC card as she was getting on and it was just so great. i loved it. that was just one of many miracles that happened on my birthday. The sun was out ALL day as well. I was so happy. And my legs and arms were happy as well. oh also a NOT miracle that also happened on my birthday: Okay so we were walking down the street and a member who owns a donut shop just pulled over and was like, "sisters do oyu want a donut?"  DUH!! birthday miracle, but what happened next was not cool. as we were eating our delicious donuts my companion looks at me and says "wait, do oyu have white hairs??" uhm.....no. but sure enough there it is. WHITE HAIRSSSSS. guys there were white hairs in my head. and we found them on my 20th birthday. WHAT THE FLIP? the irony is so painful. don't worry i took a picture. it's sad, but i have just told my self it's just a patch like stuart has. all goods! 

but this week was just so beautiful! The sun, the flowers, the Women's Session of General Conference. I loved when President Uchtdorf spoke and told that amazing story and said, "God didn't create us to be sad; we're meant to have joy." FIND THE JOY IN EVERYTHING. Laugh and make mistakes and laugh some more and smile everyday. That's what Heavenly Father has created us to do. I know that for a fact. Find the joys and the things you're grateful for and then thanks Him for it. once you do that your life becomes even more meaningful.
Stay amazing! 
Kia Kaha 
May the Force be with You
Sister Judd