Sunday, May 29, 2016

What is my life?

This week i have been constantly asking myself, "what is my life?". i have been looking back on my mission and writing down things i have learned and miracles that may have slipped past my journal (because i am so slack at that) and all week i have been so confounded on my life. like HELLO i am in flippen New Zealand to start out. like what even is my life that i have been living in the most beautiful country in the world for the past 16 months? and i have been blessed amazing areas full of people who have taught me so SO much! i have made friends that i never would have met except here. i have grown spiritually to a place that i didn't even know existed and have learned so much about my Heavenly Father and how to live my life to be worthy to be in His presence one day. WHAT IS MY LIFE? and on top of all that i start my last transfer next week......the last.....melon. WHAT IS MY LIFE PEOPLE?? it is a weird life that i live here in the NZ but i love it so much. my heart actually hurts when i think about leaving behind this place and all of these people but this pain also motivates me to keep going. to keep fighting. to just keep swimming :) (sometimes i feel like we're swimming with all the dang rain we've had) 

but it's a great life. and i am beyond excited that silas gets to live this life in just a couple months!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'm still not over my happiness hahahaha i've been litterally telling EVERYBODY that my little brother is going to Nevada on his mission!! Si, just think.......there are people in Nevada RIGHT NOW that are waiting for you to meet them! FAAAAAA that's so cool!! i can't wait. What is your life?? 

but besides me being so out of it with my life at the moment rotorua and all the people here are doing REALLY WELL!! we had such a good Sabbath yesterday and we're all just really. i never knew being this happy was possible. like up to this point in my life i have never been this happy, not even at Disneyland (even though that is a different kind of happy). i just......i'm so full. so full of happiness and joy and it surprises me because it gets more full everyday. Thanks goodness for my mission, it has saved my life and made me a happy and joyful person. AMENE! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSSSEEEEEEE REMEMBER ME ALL WEEK WHILST LAYING ON THE BEACH IN MEXICO!!!!! i'll buy a mango today and eat a piece all week to commemorate. 
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd...or shall i say Hermana Judd?? get it.....? mexico? 

okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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