Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome to Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (but neither one of those becuase they are frowned upon)


This week was SOOO stinkin quick! I can't believe I'm emailing again! it seems like our week was busy as well! Thanks for all the updates!! 

So this week has been so fun! 

Sister Lualua and I were just hanging out at the VC on our shift and Sister Hawkins (the VC Director's wife) came out and asked us to come outside and take some picture. (which is very normal for us. We joke that we've been trained to take pictures for people). and so we walk outside and see Elder Nielsen from the Seventy, who is in the Area Presidency and President Robbins who is in the Presidency of the Seventy and spoke last Conference on "Which Way Do You Face?" So we got to talk to them and take a picture with him and his wife. They are doing a little tor around the Pacific so they were just in Samoa and came in to NZ to check on the Temple because it was being cleaned and getting new carpets. And they were on their way to Papua New Guinea. So it was really fun seeing him. 

This week we have just been preparing for a baptism that we have on the 12th of September! So excited ! Tara and Patrick and even more excited :) A couple days ago after the lesson they were asking about how they were going to be baptized and how they would plug their noses so we did a little mock baptism and it was so fun. They just want to be baptized tomorrow and it has been so cool to see their dad turn around. Because if it weren't for him coming back to church they wouldn't be getting baptized. He is so excited to use the Priesthood that he holds and baptize his children. When we talk about it his face just lights up and he knows they're all making the right decisions. It's been amazing to be a part of that. 

A couple days ago  entered into Hogwarts. I found a stick while proselyting and was yelling spells and quoting Harry Potter all day, no like all day. My companion had no idea what i was doing and why i all of a sudden was speaking in a British accent and yelling random words so i was teaching her some spells and we were practicing on random cats that we saw. I have pictures to prove all of this but close to the end of the day we were tracting a street and walked past a boat that said "Hagrid" on it. It was such a happy time and i looked at Sister Lualua and said "YOU'RE A WIZARD HARRY" and she laughed only because i was so happy.  

This week has been fun and I never get over the fact that I am in flippin New Zealand teaching the amazing people here about Jesus Christ. How cool is that?? It sometimes overwhelms me when i think about what i'm doing because it is such an amazing message, and i love these people and i want everyone to learn about how they can be with their families again. I can't think of a better way of God showing His love then by letting us be with the ones we love most for eternity. I'm so grateful for the Temple and for all the amazing blessings that God gives us EVERY SINGLE DAY! Don't forget to thank Him for all the little things. 

I love you all!!!!! 
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd