Saturday, April 25, 2015

Prayer miracles and Pig on a spit

Kia Ora Whanau!

The weeks are going by quicker and quicker! i feel like i JUST emailed yous yesterday! not much change over here except with the weather!! it's just getting colder over here i have pictures of me in a coat to prove it! :)

But this week has just been plans for Terri's baptism and helping her get ready! we are so excited for her and i know that she has been an answer to my prayers. i know that the Lord is mindful of me and everything i say to Him and He wants to help. and He does!! 

Yesterday we didn't have a ride to church and it's really far away so we got a ride with members who take a taxi to chruch! it was so fun being in a taxi, not many missionaries can say they rode a taxi to church! hahah it was so fun! 

we also went to a giant tongan feast yesterday and we walked up and they had a full pig roasting on a spit! it was massive! im sending pics right after this don't worry! we had HEAPS  of food and it was soooo good! 

sorry this email is short but i just want to end with a reminder to read and pray EVERY DAY EVERY DAY EVERY DAY! i know it works and you will be able to see the hand of The Lord in your lives! 

Stay safe and don't have too much fun!
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

ps stooge i hope your face doesnt hurt too much. you can do it! love you!!! 

General Conference and American Night

Kia Ora!!! 
This week has been so good! Fist of all General Conference! i loved the theme of families and marriage it was so special! one of my favorites talks was by President Pearson, it was really special seeing him at the pulpit for conference because he is in the area presidency for my mission and he was here just a little while ago giving us a training and he is so amazing! he was the one that said "Stay by the Tree" and study the Book of Mormon "EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY, EVERY DAY" he is so good! i also loved President Monson's talk on temples. It was such ad amazing week, just very different than watching it at home in my pj's that's for sure! 
We have such a crazy week! we have an investigator, Terri, and she's been taught by HEAPS of missionaries for almost a year and a half now and we set her to be baptized on the 25th of this month!! she is so excited and so ready! it is such a blessing and i know that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers this week with Terri. she also came to sunday conference and she loved it. she is so excited to go to the temple next year and be sealed to her kids. she understands the blessings the temple can bring her and she wants it as soon as she can. i love terri and her kids, they are so special and i know Heavenly Father loves them too. 
Earlier in the week we went to Stevee's house and had 'American Night' i made fried chicken, fried pickled and soft pretzels and they mad a Maori traditional called boil-up. it was so much fun! nobody had ever had homemade fried chicken or even eaten pickles (except for on a burger from macca's) and didn't even know what pretzels were so it was so much fun watching them bite into the crunchy pickles and chicken. thanks so much dad for the frying tips they all loved it!! i also put some of grandma's seasoning in the flour and it was so good! they were blown away that grandma made it all herself hahaha i told them that we put it on everything back home and they thought it was magical seasonings. it was so fun to have that little piece of home here in new zealand, it was just weird being the one to do it all make sure it was all perfect. i now know how dad feels when he does all the frying hahaha go dad!! 
it's April now and that means cold season! it's SOO weird being opposite over here but it really is getting cold. it's been raining all day and im wearing tights and two jackets hahaha everyone makes fun of me because im a chicken with cold (thanks for that dad) and the weather is SOO different than AZ. it's weird actually having seasons! and rain! but i love it! 
i hope yous had a wonderful weeked and i love love love love love love yous!! 
Kia Kaha!
Sister Judd

Easter, Daylight Savings, and Miracles

Kia Ora Whanau!

This week has been so crazy! First of all Daylight Savings is a thing and we had to turn our clocks back an hour saturday night and it was SO weird! everyone was making fun of me because it was no big deal for everyone but us Arizonians don't do that so it's been an experience. it's lighter earlier and darker way late. it's weird going into may and having the weather get colder! i'm not used to it at all! but it's been fun doing everything backwards! 

I LOVE EASTER! This holiday is truly so special and i definitely took it for granted back home. it is so wonderful and as a missionary it is such a blessing to share the message of Jesus Christ to anyone we meet. we had SUCH a good sacrament meeting yesterday and yous have been on my mind all week because i am SO jealous you got General Conference already! we are watching it next week and i and so excited! We just watched the Women's session this week and it was so good! i am so glad that i get to be with yous for eternity! we're gonna get up to no good :) haha

We have had a miraculous week with Terry. She has finally received a testimony of the Book of Mormon and she is praying for the 25th of April. she is so special and has been prepared by HEAPS of missionaries and i am so glad to know her and help her progress. 

WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TOMORROW!! man i miss the temple HEAPPSSSSS! we are so blessed to have the temple in our mission and we get to go to twice a year and general conference times. i miss the temple and feeling so close to Heavenly Father. such a blessing. 

I will send pictures next week but i ate some new stuff this week. Tua-Tua which is sea food. they find it by letting the waves come up and then those little bubbles are the tua tua. so yummy!! we also had Hungai (hung-ee) which is heaps of meat cooked in the ground with some veg and sea food. sorta like the pit that we used to have but more islander.. it was SO GOOD! 

thanks so much for all the prayers and love i can feel it always. yous are so amazing and i know the blessings i receive is from the support of all of yous! 

i just want to leave a quote from the Woman's session from Sister Stephens and she says, "We need to boldly defend our families and our home" our families are so sacred and we need to protect them with all we have. i love yous SO MUCH AND THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME 

stay safe and have fun
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd