Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Kia Whanau!!! 

This week has FLOWN by!! i can't believe i'm living my last week as a full time missionary and writing my last email! FAAAAA SO CRAZY!! 

I just wanted to tell all of you that i love you so much. i am SO grateful for the support all of you gave me. i feel it everyday. i love being a missionary and it painful thinking about leaving but i know that it my time to come home and start my next mission hahaha but really. i know there a big things planned for ALL of us together as a family. As we stick together and love each other we wil be blessed. i've learned so much about The Will of God and how we have to give up OUR will to know His. We have to give up EVERYTHING for him do SOMETHING with us. 

Can't wait to see yous next week!!!!!
May the Force be with you!
Kia Kaha 
Sister Judd....out

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