Monday, May 2, 2016


Kia Ora Whanau

This week has been SO FAST! and i just wanted to start out by telling all of you how much i love you. This week has helped me appreciate and help my testimony of eternal families grow. This week i am grateful for a dad who works SO hard for me and the rest of the family, who loves us so much and who makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. I'm grateful for a mum who works tirelessly for all of us as well and who takes care of me when i'm sick and reads with me on her bed :) I'm grateful for an older sister and a brother in law who support me while i serve the Lord and who love me. Kort and Jermy i love you heaps! i'm grateful for an older sister who is an AMAZING example to me. Your testimony and your strength, Jess, has helped me so much here in New Zealand. I have learned so much form you and your dedicated service and love to Heavenly Father. I', grateful for a little brother who isn't very little. Silas i am so SO SO excited for you to serve your mission! i tell EVERYBODY about you, and how proud i am of you. your determination to serve and your preparation has taught me so much! I'm grateful for a little brother who is my twin GWAYYYYYY. Stoogey you're so cool! You just want something and so you do it! That is going to help in SO many aspects of your life especially in the Gospel. I am grateful that you are a good example to your friends. KEEP IT UP! I'm grateful for my little baby brother. Hebs you're a boss. i can't believe how old and tall you are and how long your hair is hahaha. You're going to do amazing things as you continue to prepare for a mission and do well in school! i need brains like you! I am just really grateful for my crazy, funny, loud eternal family. there is an elder in our district who lost his dad last week and one of my recent companions lost her dad the week before and it has really put into perspective how much i love my family. i was reminded about my setting apart blessing and how i was promised that my "family would remain intact as i served the Lord" and i am SO grateful for that. i love all of yous so much and i don't know what i would do without you. i can feel your prayers and your support. 

On another note we had Zone Conferences with Elder Haleck of the Seventy who's in the Area Presidency and it was SO good. He told us to fight to the end. work till the end. so that's what i'm going to do. That was my plan already but now it's set. :) haha 

i can't wait to skype yous next week!!!! 

have a good week! 

May the force be with you

Kia Kaha

Sister Judd

ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDIO! sorry i didn't send this last week! i've been telling everyone how young my dad is hahahaha LOVE YOU!!!