Sunday, January 3, 2016

Baptism and Attack of the Birds

Kia Ora Whanau! WHAT A WEEK! So much has happened! 

Okay i'll start with the baptism. We had Leah's baptism on Tuesday and it was SO GOOD!!!! The spirit was very powerful as her non member family members were there to witness the baptism. They were able to feel the spirit and truly see why Leah made this decision. It was a super amazing great day. it's all in the photos so just look at those hahaha :)

Tuesday was just a busy day in general. After the baptism we went over to Kate's house for her little girl's Frozen themed birthday party. It was the one form last week when we're making snowflakes and such. and the party was so cute! We met heaps of people and had fun with all the cute little kids. just imagine how fun i had if you remember how much i love Frozen hahahaha :) 

then later that night we went to an American Family's house for dinner and it was super yum. Sister Flake and I feel at home there because of the little kids running around everywhere, the american food, and just being with them. So, story about this evening at the Preston's house. It was after we all ate and i was sitting with one of the little boys, Owen who is being potty trained, and we were playing on those magnetic boards where you can draw on it and then wipe it away. anyway i was showing him shapes while Brother Preston and Sister Flake were having a conversation. while i am listening to them discuss pros of living in New Zealand i feel this warm trickle run down my leg. so i silently look down and see his pee going down my i just stare at for a good 30 seconds while more pee gets squirted on me. so finally i just look up with fear and raise my hand. when brother Preston looks over to me i silently say "uhmm i think your son just peed on me". Owen and i will always share a special bond now. So there you have it kids. Sister Judd got peed on this week. (pictures will be included with this email.)

This week we also had our cute little family come to church. Tammy and Naomi came and they were asking us heaps of questions about baptism and the temple and it was just really great. We are going over to their place tomorrow and talk more about baptism. it's amazing how quick Heavenly Father is moving the work along here in Otumoetai. We love it. There are always people to teach and always ALWAYS miracles. 

okay one last funny story, and with this story you have to remember how terrified of birds i am. We were at a Less Active's home, Aunty Dulcie. And Aunty Dulcie lives on heaps of land and she has chickens and birds and sheeps and any other wild thing that decides to wander around her property. She always has her doors open and she lives practically outside anyway and last night we were with her and this bird came into the part of the house that we were in and i flipped out man. so then this little bird just decides to perch on the TV and taunt me and then it flies around the room and i'm just sitting there trying to keep my cool but doing a good at all and then it 'flies' out the door but actually just flew right into the closed part of the sliding door and just falls to the ground and i'm flippin out man. so aunty dulcie goes over and saves the bird like the cute little mother nature that she is and lifts it and it flies away. my heart was beating so hard and my hands were sweating. it was a traumatizing experience for me. 

So as you can tell this week has been very interesting. 
I love you all!!!!!!!
Remember who are and what you stand for! 
May the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd