Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temple Trip and Baptism Prep

Kia Ora Whanau! 

This week went by SO QUICK!! 

We went to the Temple on Thursday and it was EXACTLY what i needed. it was like a breath of fresh air....and breathing Rotorua everyday it was definitely needed hahahaah nah jokes. i love the smell. i actually can't recognize it anymore so it's all good. but i loved the Temple, i learned so much and it was able to help me in our area with our investigators and everything else that i didn't even know i needed help in hahaha ANYBODY WHO CAN GO TO THE TEMPLE GO! do it for me stu.....hahahaha Grinch. good times. 

speaking of the grinch and christmas...it's starting to get cold here!!! Time to bring out the thermals and electric blanket and coats!! WHOOOPEEEEEEE i'm bracing myself don't worry. 

But this week and next will be full on with Baptism prep! YES I LOVE BAPTISM PREPARATION! Aroha's baptism is on the 12th and Khan's is on the 16th. We're all just getting everything organized, staying strong, focused and loving life. I feel so blessed to be here with all of these people. i'm reminded EVERY time i feel the spirit that this is where i'm supposed to be. these people are who i'm supposed to be around. and it's the best feeling ever. i love meeting these people but feeling like we've already met before, building a strong relationship that last longer than 18 months and i love growing. i've grown so much in just these 6 weeks that i've been in Rotorua and i'm so excited for what Heavenly Father has ready for me these last 3 months. BRING IT! 

Thanks you for EVERYTHING!!!! Especially mum and dad and the rest of the whanau. i can feel your love and all your prayers. sorry again dad i have been a horrible police man's daughter...when i got the ticket i was laughing so hard after i drove away and said "i bet my dad is cringing right now!" hahahaha SORRRRRRRYYYYY! Just smile and wave boys....smile and wave. 

stay safe...especially you boys! 
may the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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