Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Miracle and Tears

I don't even know really what to say because we just skyped a could days ago. By the way i was very impressed with myself because i didn't even cry. I'M GROWING UP! well...i did cry later just not in from of yous hahaha. but then sister flake skyped he family the next day and i was sitting next to her as they started the call and then all of a sudden the tears just started to flow. i was like "i don't know why i'm crying you're not even my family" it was pretty funny. so at least i cried for someone :)
i really don't know what to say because there hasn't been much that happened since Christmas, but i hope you're all doing GREAT!
I just want to share some from one of the Conference Talks i have been studying lately and hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. maybe it will be a beginning and maybe it can be a refresher like it was for me.
It is the talk "Choose to Believe" by Elder Whitney L. Clayton. He talks about a little girl, Sailor, who was the only one who survived a plane crash with her family. she saw a light and walked miles to get to it all alone to be saved. I want to share some of my favourite parts with you.
"After the crash, Sailor had a choice. She could have chosen to stay by the airplane in the dark, alone and afraid. But there was a long night ahead, and it was just going to get colder. She chose another way. Sailor climbed up a hill, and there she saw a light on the horizon.
Gradually, as she made her way through the night toward the light, it grew brighter. Still, there must have been times when she could not see it. Perhaps it went out of view when she was in a ravine or behind trees or bushes, but she pressed on. Whenever she could see the light, Sailor had evidence that she was on the right path. She did not yet know precisely what that light was, but she kept walking toward it based on what she knew, trusting and hoping that she would see it again if she kept moving in the right direction. By so doing, she may have saved her life.
Our lives can be like that too. There may be times when we have been hurt, when we are tired, and when our lives seem dark and cold. There may be times when we cannot see any light on the horizon, and we may feel like giving up. If we are willing to believe, if we desire to believe, if we choose to believe, then the Savior’s teachings and example will show us the pathway forward."
I love that so much! If we CHOOSE to believe then the Saviour's teachings and his example will be the light that saves us. Just like Sailor, we all have a choice. we can choose to stay where we are or we can choose to progress. to strengthen our testimony and our faith. but it takes effort on our part. He goes on to say,
"Sailor could not know at first if what she was doing as she pushed her way through the underbrush would actually work. She was lost and injured; it was dark and cold. But she left the crash site and ventured out in hope of rescue, crawling and scraping her way forward until she saw a light in the distance. Once she had seen it, she did her best to move toward it, remembering what she had seen.
We likewise must give place for the hope that we will find spiritual light by embracing belief rather than choosing to doubt. Our actions are the evidence of our belief and become the substance of our faith. We are choosing to believe when we pray and when we read the scriptures. We are choosing to believe when we fast, when we keep the Sabbath day holy, and when we worship in the temple. We are choosing to believe when we are baptized and when we partake of the sacrament. We are choosing to believe when we repent and seek divine forgiveness and healing love."
Once we choose and decide to change or seek the light then that's when we have to start putting that choice into action. Just like with Sailor walking and crawling to get to that light we too have to walk to the light. Sailor didn't see the light and then was saved; she had to get to it before the safety came. When we have our own "crashes" we need to seek the light, keep it in our view, and do all that we can to get to it. Especially with all the little things. I can testify that as you seek to find the light that the Saviour of the World gives you too can find safety and comfort. I love this promise that he gives at the end,
"In those moments when the light of your faith has dimmed, let your hope for the Savior’s love and grace, found in His gospel and His Church, overcome your doubt. I promise that He stands ready to receive you. Over time you will come to see that you have made the best choice you could possibly have made. Your courageous decision to believe in Him will bless you immeasurably and forever."
I know that He is ready to receive you all you have to do is seek to feel of His love, and once you feel it you will want to do all you can to have it with you at all times.
I love all of you SO much and i hope you have a great week!
be safe!
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd