Sunday, November 1, 2015

Faith and Miracles

Kia Ora!!

This week has been SOOOO AMAZING! I have to make this quick because I sent HEAPS of photos but I figured it's more un to see pictures anyway.

this week Sister Flake and I were able to see all the miracles that come from fasting, prayer, and diligent hard work. I have earned SO much on my mission that will help me for the rest of my life. I have learned how to make goals and then how to achieve them. As missionaries all we do is make goals and steps to achieve those goals. and one of the goals we made last week when I got to Otumoetai was to set our investigator, Tama, for baptism. We fasted and prayed and the Lord gave us a date that he could be ready for and we went to his house with the "faith of the fast" as we call it and because the spirit was so present and he had felt it we set him for 28th of November. He is ready and has been completely prepared by the Lord. I am so excited for him and all the other miracles that will come from his faith.

We also were able to meet a new investigator, Dillon, on that same day! We were trying to find someone that missionaries had met before but he was there and we asked him if he wanted to learn more and he just straight up told us yes and that he is very willing to accept what we have to teach him based on the promise that we gave him as we testified of the Restored Gospel. It was so cool because Heavenly Father just placed Dillon in our hands and said, "here. I trust you two. help him and his family." 

This work is the best and I STILL can't believe I'm a part of it. I love this country and the people here and I know that there are people here prepared for me and Sister Flake. Whenever you need help, guidance, comfort, ANYTHING turn to your Heavenly Father in prayer and He will ALWAYS be there for you. I promise you that.

I love yous and am praying for all of yous EVERY day!
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha