Monday, December 21, 2015

Singing to Old People and Riding the Bus

This week has been SO GOOD! We've had so many things happen i will try to fill you in as best as i can!
This week started out with Sister Flake and I going to sing to old people. It was so cute! we sang some carols and then did karaoke with them. THEY ARE SO CUTE! you know how i feel about old people so you can just imagine how happy i was. they were even getting up and dancing and my heart just melted away with sheer happiness and joy.
Another cool thing is public transportation. It's so big here. people are always getting on the bus and going places but because we have a car we never get to ride the bus, but we really really want to. So a perfect opportunity arose when we needed to get our car serviced outside of our area in the city so we were in the city without a car and so we rode a bus!! it was so funny though because we had no idea what bus or what stop or anything so we called one of our members who rides the bus heaps and she told us where to go and what bus to get on. So we got back to our area and went to an investigator's house and before we left she looked up the times and what bus to get on. So we got on a bus. got off that bus. and got on another bus to get back to our car. it was a very fun and interesting experience. but we are just very grateful for our car, Gandalf the White (because it is this bright white car). 
This week we also had our ward Christmas party and it was so fun. The ward was meant to dress p as nativity characters but the only ones that actually dressed up was me and sister flake and our investigator family. (i'll send the pictures after this). it was the cutest thing ever. all these angels walking around everywhere :) We really love this family and are so excited for them and this journey they are on. They are so prepared and ready to take this step. I love them so much.
The last bit that i want to talk about is the Christmas Devotional. We got to watch it last night and i LOVED it! Elder Bednar's talk was my favourite, He related to the first Christmas in The Book of Mormon and how Samuel the Lamenite prophesied that Christ would be born and that the sign would be three days of light. No darkness. and then when Christ died on the other side of the world there was three days of complete darkness. no light. How amazing is that. Christ is LITERALLY our light in the world and He even says he is when he comes to the people in Book of Mormon and says "I am the Light and the Life of the world". Christ is our light and we can always have light in our life when He is involved. Find the light and embrace. Especially this Christmas season.
I love all of you!
Can't wait to skype!!!
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd