Monday, March 7, 2016


Kia Ora Whanau!

This week has FLOWN by! i can't believe i'm emailing you already! This week has been so fun! Just a couple things:
We met this Scottish man, Frank, walking down the street last sunday and he is my new best friend. (now just flash back and remember how much i love old people okay?) So he actually stopped us because he thought Sister Namariel was from South Africa hahah because of her darker cloloured skin haha and so we started talking to him and found out that his wife just recently passed away so it's just him and his dog, lucy. So we made a time to go back and see him, and let me jsut tell you folks HE IS BY FAR THE CUTEST OLD MAN EVER. yes, i have shed some tears because of his cuteness. when we went over last week he showed us heaps of his family photos and just talked and taught us so much. we sang him some hymns and he loves them. we made a day to go back which was saturday and then found out that there was a baptism going on so like 30 minutes before the baptism we went over and said "frank! wanna come to a baptism with us?" and he said "why,sure that sounds good". SO HE CAME TO THE BAPTISM! he brought Lucy and we all had a grand ol time. he says classic old man things really loud like, "wow that's a really big lady" as a lady was getting down form speaking oh man it was so hard not to laugh. and he told sister Pagofie to sit up straighter and it was just a beautiful day. WE LOVE FRANK! 

We also had an AMAZING lesson on monday night with Aroha, and Kahn. and all i gotta say is that Heavenly Father prepares the elect when we prepare for them. and when that happens there is a spiritual explosion that occurs, AND IT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER. i love teaching The Restoration and seeing and feeling the Spirit testify to the heart of the people that what they are hearing is true. and when they let the spirit in and accept it and want to change because of it? best feeling ever. 

i know i say this like every week. but  i just love being a missionary. like so much and i'm so grateful to be here serving these people i have been called to. 

Remember that there is ALWAYS light when we trust in Christ. Read Ether 3 and enjoy :)

May the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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