Monday, February 9, 2015


Hello my lovely family. sorry you were waitng for me on sunday to email. here we have set days to email so it'll be sundays when im out on the field but right now it's whenever.
so, the mtc is....i don't have words. I AM LEARNING so much. like so much information is getting crammed into my brain that i feel like it's going to explode. i also feel like i've been here for like 3 weeks. the days are loooooong and im always tired. i guess  ijust have to get used to being tired.
My comp is wonderful. Sister Ah-hoy and shes from Samoa and serving in Sydney North, Australia. My district is amazing. i'm the only american and three from the philippines (not close to jess i asked) one elder from SA one sister from NZ and my comp.
okay so some things i have to explain:
EVERYONE HAS ACCENTS like everyone. theres only 10 americans and we're all serving in hamilton and everyone else is from Samoa, Tonga, NZ, Australia, Figi, Tahiti, Kidibas, Philippines, SA, and random islands. It's so cool learning words in their languages and listening to all of their sweet testimonies.
WE EAT SO MUCH like breakfast, lunch and dinner is hot and ready for us. i know im gaining wait becasue i eat aso much. like sooooooo much. and the food is so weird too. like blood sausages and kumara (like a sweet patato) roasted pumpkin and sooo much more. they have a drink here called Milo and it's like hot chocolate and its freaking dilish. the chocolate here is so yummmmmy i get chocolate from the vending machine every other night because it tastes so much better than home. they also have these really yummy patato chips that are chicken flavor and theyre the best thing i have ever eaten.
 MOM IM EATING RICE be proud of me
So when we got to NZ i was sooo jet lagged i don't even rememeer writing you guys on thursday so i hope none of this is repetitive. but they let us go to bed early and i slept so well. i didn't move and my shoulder hurt all day on friday bc i slept on it all nighjt. but the best night sleep ever. so now that my body is up to the time here it's starting to react to the weather and i'm starting to get sick. don't worry it's a little cold but now like everyone is getting one. like almost all the sisters are sniffly.
Boys: i'm playing rugby and the samoan and Nzers say hello judd boys and american football is for girls. hahahaha love you
so yesterday Elder Nielson from the Seventy and his wife and spoke to us and it was wonderful. he talked about it being our time to change the world and ourselves. it was so good and i really needed it. i keep going through phases of homesickness and im lowkey sitting here crying but i love being here but i do miss you guys soooooo much.
uhhmmmmm i don't know what else to tell you guys but i'll think of some more and write it down.
oh yeah we aren't allowed to have our cameras out except temple day (WE ARE GOING TOMORROW YAYYYYY) so i have only taken pics from my room but i'll send em to you when i get out to the field.
Sister Judd

Well hello family, I am alive and safe. Jan. 28th

Sister Flake and I got to SFO safe and right after i got off the phone with you we met up with 6 other missioanries. Three elders and three sisters. two of them are from idaho and the rest are from utah. once we got to the gate we met up with 2 other sisters one from idaho and one from the bay area. we all sat in the same general area on the flight over and we all really clicked. i love them a lot. THAT FLIGHT THOUGH!! So stinking long yo. I "slept" for like maybe three hours? and it was 14 and a half hours in the air. so that's fun. the person sitting next to me was watching so many good movies. he turned on thor the first time and i started crying and told him it was becasue i hated flying...oops probably shouldnt have lied but i couldnt take telling him that im crying because all i wanted to do was look at thor's face. but after i pulled it together it wasnt that hard to stay distracted. i read A LOT and talked with the elders next to me. it was fine (as 14 hour fligths go)
when we got to aukland we had to move our clocks back only 3 hours......but we're a day ahead. it's weird because it's 10 in the morning on thursday but it feels like 2 in the afternoon (which is what it is at home) so i was unpacking when they got us for emailing and it's really REALLY hot if you dont open the windows because there's no at all.
there's so many people with accents. LIKE EVERYONE HAS ACCENTS because only people from australia and samoa come here to either learn english or french or their native language. i don't have a companion yet but i'll send pictures when we can email again next week.
i have so much to say i'll make it quick and then give you more details next week. the accents are so hard to understand. the money is like a rainbow. the weather makes me so happy. THEY DRIVE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. (okay but side note i ended up having to sit in shot gun from the airport and i walked over to where shotgun would be and the driver laughed at me and called me a silly american because i went on the side of the steering wheel)
okay so that's all for now and i'll get on some time next week to email you guys for real.