Sunday, January 31, 2016

"...whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same"

So this week has been so fun! We got a call on Wednesday telling us that we were to drive up to Auckland on Saturday to see Elder D. Todd Christofferson!!!! WHAT? So that happened. We drove up and got to hear Elder Kevin W. Pearson, his wife and Sister Christofferson and then Elder Christofferson spoke last. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! Before the conference started all 400 plus missionaries (from our mission and also the Auckland mission) got to go up and shake his hand! it was such a cool experience. Something that really stood out to me as Elder Christofferson was speaking was that we all he's got jokes hahahaha he is SO funny! He was there because the flight that they were going to take to go to one of the islands got cancelled so they said "what should we do?" so they decided to come here and see us! :) it was an amazing day.

Something that i loved from the conference was the fact that we ALL knew Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father before we lived here on earth. We knew them personally. We walked and talked with them. and because of that it means that we have ALWAYS had a testimony of the Saviour and his Gospel. We just have to remember. He said, "don't ever think that you don't have a do!" So we need to remember, we need to feel the spirit and let our souls speak to us as we serve others and read the Book of Mormon. i love that! whether we're going through a hard time and our faith is tested, or we might think that we don't have a testimony at all.....we just need to remember or learn that it doesn't matter that you feel like you don't have a testimony right now because you already have it! You've had it since the premortal life! that's something really special and makes me cherish and treasure my testimony even more.

Also something that we did yesterday at church was go over the goals for the Pacific Area. The goals that the Area presidency has made for us is

1. Honour the Sabbath Day at home and at church
2. Increase Spiritual and Temporal Self--Reliance
3. Hasten the Work of Salvation
4. Seek the Blessings of the Temple

I actually really love these goals and something that the Area Presidency invited everyone to do was to hold a family council and discuss these goals and then make goals and plans to achieve those goals as a family. i really wanted to be with yous so that we could do this together but yous can still do it! :) hold a family council and find ways that you can do these goals as a family. i know that if you do the unity of the family will grow and you will be able to feel the spirit in greater abundance.

I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVE! have fun packing :)
have a good week!
love yous!
May the Force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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