Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference!

Kia Ora Whanau!
This week was SO good! Particularly this weekend! I LOVED GENERAL CONFERENCE! It's weird still to me sitting in the chapel for it but i could just smell the crepes from the other side of the world hahaha

I just wanted to talk about a few talks that i really liked because there isn't much to update yous on this week. Baptism tomorrow so there'll be photos next week :)

-okay first talk! I LOVED Elder Mervyn B. Arnold's talk about rescuing others. He's the one that cried heaps and knowing me that means i cried heaps as well. (it was a very emotional conference for me this year hahaha i just cried pretty much every talk) I just really liked the message of knowing that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can go to the rescue and help those that are lost. That was a very common topic this year and i'm grateful for that. We can all help someone who is struggling. it doesn't take much. it may take some sacrifice but it's worth it when they are able to return back to the fold of God. WE ALL CAN Go TO THE RESCUE! 

-I also REALLY enjoyed Elder Gary E. Stevenson's talk about the Priesthood and Priesthood Keys. That was a touching one for me especially, because the work i am doing is under the direction of the Priesthood. and nothing in this Gospel can function without it. i specifically liked what he said about boys (aka my brothers) preparing for missions. He said that it is never too early to prepare for missionary service. I LOVE THAT!! i just thought about my three brothers back home who all hold the Priesthood and who are all preparing for missions :) it made me so happy. i'm so proud of you Si and Stoogey and Hebs! You're each going to make AMAZING missionaries and Heavenly Father will bless you while you're out because of the preparation you did before! YOU'RE AMAZING! 

-I wish i could talk about more but my fingers can't type fast enough :) but i loved President Uchtdorf's talk and also President Monson's. i think that it is very fitting that the message Heavenly Father wanted all of us to know was about us and our choices. "our choices determine our destiny" That's SO true and so important to realize or remember. Everything we do has a consequence, whether good or bad. and because we know where we want to go, back to be with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families, the choices we make matter. and they don't just matter to us but to those around us as well. being on my mission has shown me that. i CHOSE to serve and no i'm here meeting so many amazing people. i have CHOSEN to let the gospel change me and my testimony has grown and i have become someone new. i see people EVERY DAY make choices that they would never think about making before just so that they can be closer to God. they CHOOSE to pray every day. They CHOOSE to read the Book of Mormon. They CHOOSE to give away things that are holding them back. and then they are blessed. their families are blessed. i have been reflecting back on what i've learned on my mission on writing it all down and i have just come to the realization of the choice i made to come here and how eternally grateful i am for that choice. i am who Heavenly Father desires for me to be and i'm not all the way there but the CHOICES i make for the rest of my life will get me there. And it all comes back to Jesus Christ. One of the last things President Monson said was "Choose to follow Jesus Christ". When we choose Him everything works out. i KNOW it with all my heart because i've seen it first hand. i wish i could express how grateful i am for the choice i made. my testimony has started here in New Zealand and the choices i make for the rest of my life will be because of what i have learned here. 

may the force be with you
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd