Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30th Transfers and Easter

Kia Ora Whanau! 
Wow 2 months cam on went and i'm starting my second transfer now! I'm still in Manurewa but i have a new companion! Sister Clarke went down to the visitor's center in Hamilton and my new companion is Sister McFlinn! she is from Brisbane, Australia. She is so cute and so much fun! 
I am SOOOO excited for General Conference! Because they don't have the channel we have to watch it a week later than yous but I can't wait! it's gonna be weird not waking up to dad making crepes but we're gonna have our own that morning :) Next week is Easter and i can't believe it's April already!! We're so excited to bring our investigators to church on Sunday for the special Easter program. This is such a great Holiday to talk about and invite people to learn more about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. 
 I just love this are heaps and i know i am supposed to be here. one of our investigators, Terry, has been taught by HEAPS of missionaries but i really do feel like this is her time. she has been prepared so much by the Lord and we're working with her to feel ready. She is so great and her kids are the cutest. She is so receptive to the spirit and she knows that the church is true, she just needs to take that leap of faith now. and that's why we're here; to help her take that leap. 
Marlene WILL get baptized i have faith in her. she just needs to have faith in herself.keep her in your prayers. :)
sorry it's short today but this week has been crazy just trying to get Sis. McFlinn introduced to everyone and the area but i'll have more next week! and more pictures too! stay safe and have fun!! 
GO KYLEE (or shall i say Sister Smith) BOLIVIA IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! 
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd
ps the dogs here are INSANE and i may or may not have been almost eaten and have a tooth scratch on my leg to prove it. but moony is a good defense. she's got my back :) 

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