Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 1st Bednar Looking Into My Soul, and Rugby

Kia Ora!
hey fammo! this week has been busy as! 
The start of the week was amazing but i'm leaving it for the end because it was so magical. 
but here's some fun facts about my lovely land of the long white cloud (New Zealand). 
1. they call dessert pudding. so when we're at a dinner appointment the member asks "are yous ready for some pudding?" and then brings out like ice cream or cake or whatever. i was so confused the first time because she brought out ice cream and i was expecting chocolate pudding. 
2. they don't call it dinner it's called tea. So a member will say "sisters, we're having you over for tea tomorrow" and they mean dinner, it's all so confusing!
3. the ice cream and chocolate are SOO GOOOOOOD! the ice cream is super rich and just so good and i can't even explain the chocolate because it's just so good. 
4. they call McDonald's Macca's and it's so much better than home. so is the KFC like it doesn't even taste like KFC just really really really good chicken. it's seasoned differently and the chicken is from here i don't know if that makes a difference but it's good.   
5. fruit tress everywhere! peach, pear, apple, fig, and of course kiwi fruit. i tried fresh fig from the tree a couple days ago and it was so good. super sweet. and the apples here are far out. not as good as honeycrisp but still sweet as. 
okay so this week has been miracle after miracle. We met a new lady, Barbara, and she's Fijian/Indian. she's the sweetest and she's 70. she's getting baptized on the 21st and she doesn't even want to wait that long. she's ready. she cam to church yesterday and just kept telling people that it was her home. except when i say 'telling' i really mean yelling because her hearing is really bad. like we have to yell at her when we teach. it's been the weirdest thing saying "JOSEPH SMITH SAW HEAVENLY FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST" If it were a normal situation the spirit definitely would not be there but because Heavenly Father know her circumstance the spirit was there. but i can for sure check off yelling in all my lessons off the list. 
I'm getting really really good at rugby. every we go to people's houses we play touch because we're sisters and arent allowed to be tackled but it's so fun. oh, speaking of Maori traditions, on saturday Sister Clarke and I went to go see one of our investigators, Terry, and when we got there a huge party was going on. we started talking with the teenagers and they figured out that i haven't seen a Haka or anything Maori yet she they did 2 Haka and some traditional songs. they did the one that is in forever strong and let me just tell you it is definitely better in real life. i recorded it but it's too long to send but we all did the Pukana which is the terrifying face they do during the Haka so i'll send that with the email. it was so cool being surrounded by the Maori culture. Another thing i figured out is that there's Judd's that are Maori. they live here in Auckland and down south as well. Sister clarke is actually related to them. so dad, you should look into that because apparently a lot of them live in the states. 
anyway, David A. Bednar. such a cool experience. we got to go see him on tuesday and it was one of the best days of my life. When he walked in i could feel the spirit so strongly. he had us read and study three talks of his prior to coming and he taught in a completely different way than we were expecting. he had microphones passed around and asked us questions. one of the questions he asked was "what did you learn from reading these talks?' i didn't even think i was gonna raise my hand but i did and he saw me and had me stand up. when i was given the mic i looked at him and it was the most craziest thing. he looked right at me and i just felt like he was looking right into my soul. he was paying close attention to everything i had to say and the spirit was just helping say everything so fluently and precise. he then talked about what i said for quite a bit and thanked me for my wonderful spirit. GUYS it was the most intense moment of my life. i really do think that as an apostle of the Lord he could see me better than i could see myself. it was such a spiritual feast. he is such a powerful speaker. really really short (like as tall as me) but when he speaks it's like hes 100 feet tall. 
funny moment: we needed just 2 more people to talk to this week to reach the goals president set for us to speak to 100 people a week and yesterday we had 98. so we sat in the car and prayed to heavenly father that we can find just 2 more people and when we looked up we saw two people walking down the street. they were like three blocks down though, AND we had ten minutes before we had to be home. we looked at each other and booked it down the street. we ran and and ran to catch up with the people and once we got to them we were out of breath and all sweaty they thought we were freaks and asked why we were going running in dresses. we totally embarrassed ourselves but it was too funny. 
i hope yous have a wonderful week and remember to talk to people! there are people surrounding you that may need questions answered and because you have the gospel you can give them those answers! 
Read DC 84 and think about what you can do! 
Kia Kaha! 
Sister Judd 

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