Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 8th Baptism Miracles and Cheesecake

Kia Ora Whanau (family in Maori) 
This week man! So crazy! 
we had a baptism! Tati and Tawhiri are nieces of a member in our ward and she texted us last week to teach them. they are solid and were so excited to be baptized. Tati is 9 and Tawhiri is 11. My first baptism and i couldnt be more excited! love this amazing work. 
Barbara. oh Barbara. she is so wonderful, i think i told yous about her last week and how we have to yell at her to teach her and it is the funniest thing ever. a couple days ago she asked sister clarke to say the closing prayer and she started it and yelled "DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER" and it was so funny. she had to stop and tell Barbara that she had never yelled at Heavenly Father before so it's really weird. She was sweet about it though and told us that He understands and He's not upset with her. and the next day i said the prayer and had to start over because it really is hard yelling at him. so i guess that's another thing i get to check off the list. 
the past couple days have been crazy for us becasue we have all of these solid investigators that we teach during the week and then comes sunday none of them attend church. people's agency makes me SOO frustrated and i wish i could just make them come. i guess that;s how Heavenly Father feels about everyone one of us and i have to just worry about 5 people. it's just so upsetting because we know that if they come to church they'll feel the spirit and understand why we want hem there so badly. but satan also knows why it's so important and he's really good at getting them to change their minds. man, i hate that guy. 
Manuwera is such a funny place. it's definitely not what comes up when you Google New Zealand. I'm in South Auckland, the very tippy top of the Hamilton Mission where it borders the Auckland mission. i love it here it's just not what i expected. very suburban and very interesting. let's just say we hear sirens all day and night. i can just hear dad's voice in my head saying "your idea of sketchy is going to change once you're on your mission" haha well you were right dad....like always. but i love good ol' Manurewa. there are are so many people here are waiting for the gospel they just don't know it yet. Finding the ones that have been prepared already to hear our message is the best part. 
this week i had my first bike/skirt incident and it was a doozy. as you can see in the picture that i sent it got stuck in the brakes and then created a GIGANTIC hole. it was so funny because the area that we're in has a lot of members that live close by and there were so many people that saw us trying to get my skirt out of the bike. sister clarke loved it. i'm not sure my skirt enjoyed it that much but it was pretty hilarious. i guess it was bound to happen right? 
i love being able to write you guys every week, it makes me miss you so much but i love getting tell you about my week. i hope yous stay safe and have a wonderful week! don't forget that there are people all around you who are looking for answers to their questions and you are able to answer them! rely on the spirit and pray everyday! you'll feel closer to Heavenly Father and feel His love always.
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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