Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easter, Daylight Savings, and Miracles

Kia Ora Whanau!

This week has been so crazy! First of all Daylight Savings is a thing and we had to turn our clocks back an hour saturday night and it was SO weird! everyone was making fun of me because it was no big deal for everyone but us Arizonians don't do that so it's been an experience. it's lighter earlier and darker way late. it's weird going into may and having the weather get colder! i'm not used to it at all! but it's been fun doing everything backwards! 

I LOVE EASTER! This holiday is truly so special and i definitely took it for granted back home. it is so wonderful and as a missionary it is such a blessing to share the message of Jesus Christ to anyone we meet. we had SUCH a good sacrament meeting yesterday and yous have been on my mind all week because i am SO jealous you got General Conference already! we are watching it next week and i and so excited! We just watched the Women's session this week and it was so good! i am so glad that i get to be with yous for eternity! we're gonna get up to no good :) haha

We have had a miraculous week with Terry. She has finally received a testimony of the Book of Mormon and she is praying for the 25th of April. she is so special and has been prepared by HEAPS of missionaries and i am so glad to know her and help her progress. 

WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TOMORROW!! man i miss the temple HEAPPSSSSS! we are so blessed to have the temple in our mission and we get to go to twice a year and general conference times. i miss the temple and feeling so close to Heavenly Father. such a blessing. 

I will send pictures next week but i ate some new stuff this week. Tua-Tua which is sea food. they find it by letting the waves come up and then those little bubbles are the tua tua. so yummy!! we also had Hungai (hung-ee) which is heaps of meat cooked in the ground with some veg and sea food. sorta like the pit that we used to have but more islander.. it was SO GOOD! 

thanks so much for all the prayers and love i can feel it always. yous are so amazing and i know the blessings i receive is from the support of all of yous! 

i just want to leave a quote from the Woman's session from Sister Stephens and she says, "We need to boldly defend our families and our home" our families are so sacred and we need to protect them with all we have. i love yous SO MUCH AND THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME 

stay safe and have fun
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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