Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fasting, Biking in the Rain and Tongan Festivities. 2/22/15

Kia Ora!
Wow i don't even know where to start! 
Sister Clarke and I have worked really hard the past week and achieved all of our goals from the mission president except one which is 2 investigators attending sacrament meeting. That is something I am struggling with is people's agency! They have to make their own decisions about whether they want to come to church but when they decide not to it makes me so upset! church is where they need to be to fully understand the gospel and they won't come! But, i have been praying and letting Heavenly Father do what He wants so, it's not their time yet. We did have one of our investigators, Marlene< come to church, even though it was such a hassle to get her there with all the roadblocks that were in her way all week. Marlene loved it and it was really good she came because the sacrament meeting was so special. our wonderful ward missionary, Tahila, spoke. i spoke on temples and having our spiritual eyes and hearts forever facing the temple and another elder spoke on service. Then the missionary team, the sister, elders, ward missionaries, and mission leader sang as sister in zion/ army of heleman. it was a very spiritual sacrament meeting and i am so glad her and her kids were able to make it. Marlene is so excited to be baptized. Her date is 14 March and her kids (who have already been baptized) are so excited as well and have been telling her all about their baptisms. She feels the spirit and loves having it in her home. i'll send a picture next week of her and the family. 
on saturday sister clarke and i decided to bike insteas of walk and it was such an inspired thought. about an hour into biking it started POURING down rain. we were biking up hills and going through the streets dripping wet. when we got to a member's house for dinner we were soaking wet and had to ring out our skirts before we walked in her house. she was so sweet and gave us skirts and crazy Hawaiian shirts while our clothes dried. i felt right at home in m baggy shirt and my hair up. The members here are so sweet. and they feed us SOOOO much. we don't even need that much food in our flat because we're constantly eating or someone is giving us food. our member mum Sister Pasikala is Tongan and she is wonderful. she always has Otai for us which is a fruit tongan drink. my favorite is pineapple and coconut. she makes us yummy treats and feeds us dinner on the days we don't have a member. she even gave me pillows because i didn't have any when we got to the flat. She is perfect. She was the one that fed us the fish head! haha
Sister clarke and i went to a tongan ward party on friday and it was incredible. Loud music, loud people, dancing, and delicious food. i had mussels with coconut cream, ota (which is raw fish with a yummy dressing and veggies), buffalo, and of course otai (it's pronounced O-TIE). it was a blast and i was full for the whole day. 
so something funny slash really embarrassing that happened this week: this is a disclosure because i am going to be talking about my bowels in 3...2...1... so since i have been in this area i havent really been having any bowel movements and m stomach was really hurting (im telling you all this becasuse the ward ended up figuring out so you all can know now too) so we went to sister pasikala and asked if she knew any remidies so i could feel better. so she gave us an aloe Vera drink. it was literally just boiled aloe from her front yard. and she said that it'll taste gross but it'll do the trick. so that night sister clarke and i drank it and let me tell you. THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. It was so disgusting and i can't even describe it because it was so wrong. it literally made me fall to the floor and i couldnt swallow because if i did i woul taste it. we brushed our teeth like 4 times that night and in the morning....all was well. after a little while in the toilet hahaha but the embarrassing thing was that throughout the next day every member we saw we would hear "Sista Judd how is the poo?" everyone knew and so now the common topic is how regular im using the bathroom. it's too funny how open and hilarious they are about my poo. 
but on that note...it is such a blessing to be able to share the gospel with these amazing people and all the frustration and sweat (and bathroom time..or lack thereof) is all worth it when their eyes light up and they can feel the spirit and decide to be baptized. 
i invite all of you to try and talk to at least two people about the church this week and recognize how you feel after. it takes some courage but it's worth it! 
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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