Sunday, August 9, 2015


Well heelo ther family! I am mother!!!! and i am very excited to share this news with yous! I am training a new missionary Sister Lualua. She is from Samoa and was in the MTC learning english for 6 weeks. She came to me on Thursday and we are having so much fun together. All day thursday i as thinking about the Grinch when "tiny who-girls and tiny-who fellas" come to the door and the two of look nothing alike so it's even funnier "hey honey! our baby's here....he looks just like your boss" too meke. (funny) But i love being a mum...if training a new missionary is anything like having a baby then i am definitely not prepared for that time in my life haha. But i love Sister Lualua she is teaching me samoan and making me SO much islander food. i'm gonna get chubby again, but it'll be worth it because her cooking is beautiful. 
This week we had the most cliche and by far the best miracle so far on my mission. We met this guy at the visitor's Centre because he came in just wondering about this big white building that he sees on his drive everyday (it's really hard not to miss the temple when you drive over here because it's up on a hill so day or night it's bam right in your face) so we taught him about the temple and then about The Book of Mormon. We gave him a copy and left 3 Nephi 11 with him, because everyone loves reading about when the Saviour comes. And when he left it was about 2:15. later that night at about 9:45 he texted us and said "hey sisters it's Ryan...thank you for that book yous gave me i haven't put it down since i got home" W.H.A.T. i seriously thought i was dreaming. like that only happens in movies and like Preach My Gospel. Def not in real life. so we texted him back and invites him to read the introduction and guess what? he had read it already. So we invited him to pray about it, and then taught him how to pray. We called him yesterday and taught him and are calling him again tonight. We know 100% that God orchestrated all of that and we were just placed into that moment to help him. 
I know Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us and that He loves us. 
Stay safe
Be happy
Soak up some sun for me
Stay cool bros
and Kia Kaha
Sister Judd
ps jess this is for  i thought about you the WHOLE time i was watching it

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