Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm a KIWI!!

Kia Ora Whanau this week i was told that i don't sound like an American! i was so excited i cried do you know how excited i was to get an accent and i didn't even know i had it! It's official friends i am a kiwi. I drive on the opposite side of the road. i eat sea urchin and lamb. and i talk like the locals. I AM A LOCAL. sorry but this was really exciting for me and i had to share. 
I'm stealing Ky's email idea and giving you New Zealand updates:
-it's been raining ALL week. i literally haven't seen the sun. 
-frost and ice are a thing and i've been singing Let It Go ALLLL WEEK like all week. at least it's not christmas music anymore eh? 
-i've mastered writing with gloves, they are now a new extension to my wardrobe and i love wearing them...but not really. 
-ATTENTION: there are hedgehogs here! i repeat NEW ZEALAND HAS HEDGEHOGS. Just ponder on that gem forever, because it is the best news next to be asked if i were a local. 
We've been working with this a lady, Lisa that we met last week. she is KEEN AS to learn about the Plan of Salvation and it's so exciting to see her desire and devotion to want to be with her family for eternity. YAY FOR ETERNAL FAMILIES! 
We're also teaching a man from California and he has been through some crazy stuff mate. He wants to change his life and be forgiven. on saturday we called him and taught him about the atonement and the sacrament and how they work together. that as we repent of our sins and use the Atonement the sacrament is that extra buffer for the week to help us get through all the craziness of the world. the sacrament is such a blessing and im so glad and thankful i have brothers who can bless and pass it to help others feel of the love of our Savior. 
i love you all HEAPS 
stay cool. 
love your Kiwi daughter

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