Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hail and Christmas Miracles

To: Steve and Neola Judd; Jessica Judd; Kortni Judd; Kylee Smith; Kacie Leigh Moss
Subject: Hail and Christmas Miracles

Hi. This week it hailed. This week we saw so many miracles. This week was CRAZY! 
So i know school is starting and summer is ending but, winter is going full throttle over here in the NZ. Guys, i'm so pasty it's a bit ridiculous. but it's fun and i love it. As we were walking yesterday in our area it started to rain and then the rain got really loud and i looked down and the rain drops were bouncing....welp not rain. It was so fun being in the hail. it was sticking to our hair and we were eating it from the sky. My companion was flippin out because she had never seen ice come from the sky before. it was a fun time. So that happened. 
And then because we were out in the crazy weather and not driving in our car we found some amazing people!  We're teaching a lady who is way prepared!! We're sacrificing some of our P-Day today to teach her and we know that as we sacrifice miracles come. I've seen it heaps of times here. 
I hope ya'll have an amazing week! Remember that Heavenly Father is mindful of each of you and that He loves you and has a specific plan for you. As you trust Him and follow the prompting of The Spirit you will see blessings come into your life and the lives of those you touch. 
I flippin love all of you and i pray for you every stinkin day!!! 
Be amazing in school boys and make good choices 
"Have a good day sweety"
"you too hun" 
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd 

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