Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hurricane NZ and 24th of July

Kia Ora Whanau! 
This week has been mental! i can't believe it's Monday already and that we're i our last full week of transfers! i feel like i just started this transfer! Life in the VC is so good mate! i love meeting all the different people that come in from all over the world. so that's been really fun. 
On Saturday i went on exchanges with Sister Clarke and we got attacked by a hurricane which we are now calling Hurricane NZ. we're just walking along the road with one umbrella and it's raining pretty good but nothing we're not used to and then all of a sudden it raining in sheets! the rain was coming from an angle so i don't know why we were fighting with the umbrella hahaha our skirts and legs got soaking wet and the wind was blowing us around everywhere. we couldn't even see in front of us. my chest hurt because i was laughing so hard. it was so much fun! when we got back to the flat to change our skirts to go to the vc we took off our boots and literally poured out water from the inside of them! the rain was coming from such a weird angle water just seeped inside. it was so funny. In the pictures that i sent the rain was coming straight at our faces so we shielded ourselves with the umbrella, people probably thought we were crazies. 
The past couple days Sister Puaina and i have had an RM come out with us and it's been so fun. She just got back from Manila and so she sounds just like a Filipino, so its been fun to have that little connection with jess even though it was a different mission that she served in. 
So i've had Pioneer Day on my mind because i  know how much fun the family was having in Pima so i told my ward about it in ward council and nobody knew what i was talking about. they thought it was so weird one was like "wait, you have a rodeo for the pioneers? and the WHOLE town celebrates together?" it was such a foreign concept to all of them. so we're going to have a ward get together for pioneer day and they're all really excited. it's been fun sharing it with them and telling them what family traditions we have. 
i hope all of you stay safe and happy this week! soak up some sun for me! 
i just ant to leave with a quote "I bear witness that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of the living God. He stands at the head of the Church. Through His Atonement and the power of the priesthood, families which are begun in mortality can be together through the eternities. The Atonement, which can reclaim each one of us, bears no scars. That means that no matter what we have done or where we have been or how something happened, if we truly repent, He has promised that He would atone. And when He atoned, that settled that. There are so many of us who are thrashing around, as it were, with feelings of guilt, not knowing quite how to escape. You escape by accepting the Atonement of Christ, and all that was heartache can turn to beauty and love and eternity.  -President Packer
I just want to add my testimony to his. I am so grateful for the Atonement and i know that as we accept the atonement in our lives we will be happier, made whole, and who Heavenly Father knows we can become. i love each of you and so does Heavenly Father.
Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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