Friday, May 22, 2015

Visitor's Centre and Winter

Kia ora Family!!

WOW i feel like we were JUST skyping like a few days ago. it's terrifying how fast time goes by here. 
Well i told the family during skype but i'm just gonna say it again because i didn't really explain everything very well and i love this news but anyway, I got transferred to the Visitor's Centre!!! (yes that's how they spell it here it's weird i know) 
but i love love love love it here! the sister that i serve with are amazing! the senior couples that i serve with are amazing! being across the street from the temple is amazing! IT'S ALL JUST AMAZING! one of the super amazing things that we get to do as VC sisters is chat online and call people from ALL over the world! i chatted with a girl from the Philippines yesterday and it made me so happy knowing that my seester was somewhere in that country haha. it's just a neat and beautiful experience. 

I LOVE MY COMPANION! She is from American Samoa and she is hilarious. i can definitely be myself with her and she doesn't judge (well she does think im an idiot bc duh but she still lets me be an idiot) we sing ALL THE TIME and dance around our flat every chance we get. she's kinda amazing and i kinda love her alot. 

winter time is fast approaching and my body is terrified. but no need to fear. i use my beanie every night and we have a nice heater that we use. but the rain everyday is something i am for sure not used to. it's so weird always having water falling from the sky. like what? that is not a thing in arizona but it's nice because i don't have to spend so much time on my hair every morning now. what a blessing. 

I've just been getting to know the area and all the people this past week so it's been really fun and my brain hurts trying to memorize streets and numbers all over again. but one of the members that i ABSOLUTELY love is May Gullivar but we call her aunty May. We should probably be calling her nana may because she is 80 but she is adorable. every other day we go over to her house and download mormon messages and write her emails for her because she doesn't know how to use her computer. we answer her voicemails and do all sorts of things for her. we also pick her up from her house on Sunday and walk to and from church with her. (the chapel isn't very far just up the road) she is so lovely and we're gonna have a baking night with her this week and she is going to teach us how to bake heaps of yummies. she is absolutely the cutest old lady and everytime she speaks i laugh bc she is just so fancy and old. i'll send pictures of her next week. 

speaking of service and aunty may it reminded me of the new mormon message that just came out last week. i don't know if yous have seen it but it's called Lift and it is SOO good. it'a all about how serving another affects not only that person but yourself as well. here's the link 
i really love it especially because as a missionary we are CONSTANTLY doing service. and that is the best way to show our Christlike love to others. i hope each of you strive to serve as many people as you can each day because i can promise you that it will not only help those people whom you serve but it will also change you. 

I LOVE YOU ALL and i'm sending pictures right now don't worry mum
Kia Kaha 
Sister Judd

ps Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to my mission on May 30th and I AM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED bring it on Elder Cook!  

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