Friday, May 22, 2015

Tender Mercies and Electric Mowers

Kia Ora Whanau!
this week has been CRAZY! but first i need to just comment on how in sync jess and i are. LICE? least it isn't fleas. that's what we have in our flat. and on tuesday during district meeting the spirit was so strong and nek minute this HUGE AS rat comes running through the room and everyone freaked. even the elders! it was so funny! and the crispy pig skin from last week? too crack up. it's so much fun being out on my mission at the same time with my seester. i know that the Lord is blessing us and all of you back home and it's so exciting to be sharing this missionary spirit with her. GO SISTER JUDDS! 

But this week has been a crazy roller coaster! good thing i love them! we had to push back Terri's baptism because of a death in the family but it will be next week and she is very very excited! as are we! she is so good and i'm so glad that she has finally made that step and commitment to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. This work is truly amazing seeing people change and make life changing decisions. 

On Friday we went and did some service for one of our investigators, Erina, and we mowed her lawn and helped clean up her house. it was interesting because the lawn mower that she had was electric so it had a long as chord that we had to plug in and so as we mowing we're making sure we're not running over the chord hahaha. bu i was fun! serving others truly makes me feel like disciple of Christ. living my life by his example is how people come to love Him and see who He truly was. i invite all of you to serve t least one person this week and show them that Christlike love that you have for them. i promise you that as you focus on living your life like He did and showing people how much you love Him by helping them you will be able to feel closer to Jesus Christ and those people you serve will see that Light of Christ in you that shines so brightly. 

I'm so grateful for the tender mercies that the Lord sends to me each and every day. a couple days ago we were walking back from an investigator's home and it didn't at all the way we had planned and we were so bummed. as we were walking up the road we heard someone playing Love at Home from their garage and we stopped and listened to them play the whole song and as we kept going we felt so much better ad i could feel the spirit so strongly. and i know that that little moment was sent from Heavenly Father to make us feel better an and keep going. 

i love this work and i love all of you. i can feel the love and the prayers you send my way and i am so grateful for it. 
stay safe and Kia Kaha! 
Sister Judd


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