Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Showers Bring October Flowers

This week has been mean as! So much fun!

It is officially Spring time!! YES! Do you know what that means? MORE RAIN! I just keep telling myself September Showers Bring October Flowers. Nobody here has actually heard that saying before and i think it is because it is something we say to keep ourselves going and enduring the rain, but it rains here all the time so yeah. But RAIN IS A GOOD THANG 

This week I taught Relief Society. That shouldn't be a scary thing as a missionary but it was terrifying! I discovered that I would MUCH rather teach people who know nothing about the gospel than teaching people who have been going to Relief Society longer than i've been alive. But it was fun. 

We have also been teaching a friend of a girl who just go back from her mission. people, i LOVE teaching member's friends and loved ones. it is so amazing! So moral of the story family, LOVE YOUR FRIENDS ENOUGH TO LET THE MISSIONARIES TEACH THEM! Because then all of you can go to the celestial kingdom and be happy for eternity.  

HEY! I love you all so flippin much! 

Mum! have an AMAZING birthday and make sure the boys spoil you! I'll thinking about you extra this week! Have fun! 

Stay safe
Stay awesome 
and May the Force Be with you! 
Kia Kaha 
Sister Judd

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