Sunday, September 13, 2015

Baptism Day!

Kia Ora Whanau! What.A.Week! 

Saturday was the day! The baptism of Tara and Patrick! It was such an amazing day! The best baptismal service i have ever been to. The Spirit was so strong and it just confirmed to me how amazing this work is. how amazing baptism is and how we are baptized JUST like Christ with the SAME exact power and authority. Watching Patrick and Tara go into the water and watching them go under was when i felt it the most. Knowing that they just took the first step to go back to their Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus Christ. That little step takes them on this amazing journey. My testimony was strengthened so much this week watching those kids be baptized and then receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

And then on Sunday we went to Young Women with Tara and they were all talking about how she can go with them to the next temple night and she was so excited. It was like she was glowing. And now that she is baptized and has taken that step and walked through the gate that gets us back to our Heavenly Father she can now go help other people who didn't get a chance to do so when they were on the earth.  THIS CHURCH IS SO COOL! 

And on top of that all last night we had someone come on chat and ask about our family history program and why it is so massive and why we're so big on genealogy. So then we got to testify to him about temples and baptism and it all just went together. And I know it was because Heavenly Father orchestrated it and we were able to start teaching him because he felt something as we taught him. None of this was a coincidence and that's what i love. PEOPLE coincidences don't exist! It's Heavenly Father's hand in your lives giving you opportunities and moments. EMBRACE THEM! 

I love all of you HEAPS!!! 
May the force be with you!
Kia Kaha

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