Sunday, December 6, 2015

Baptism Miracles and New Transfer!

Kia Ora...what up...what's crack a lackin. hey.
This week has been so cool!! First of all, it's a new transfer and i get to be here in Tauranga for another transfer WITH Sister Flake! WOOPEE!! WOOHOO!!! YIPPEE!!! We're really excited. There is this cute little town in our area called Bethlehem so guess who gets to spend Christmas in Bethlehem? HOW CUTE IS THAT? We're just a little excited. It's weird that we'll be away from home at for Christmas but we're making the best of it and decorating the flat and singing Christmas songs every morning for companionship study. it doesn't get old!
This week we've had some crazy stories and heaps of laughs. First of all we set our most favouritest investigator and we're super excited!! #dunked i love when they just know that this is what they want and it becomes a part of them. She is so excited and so are Sister Flake and I!!!! :) We love being around her because the spirit is so strong. She is so receptive and know that this is the truth. She is such an amazing example.
We also had some fun times door knocking this week. Anybody who has done this knows you come in contact with some weird as people hahaha it's always fun to have a good laugh. Sister Flake and i are constantly laughing i feel like and i love it so much. There are countless stories that i have for all of yous soon! :)
If yous haven't seen the Christmas video the church put out yet do it now! and then once you watch it and love it share it with all your friends. use your social media for good! :) Help all you know understand really what Christmas is about. When i watched this the Spirit spoke to me so strongly. That if it wasn't for Christ being born we wouldn't even have this holiday. yeah the music and the traditions and the decorations are all really amazing but if you go down to the core it's truly about our Saviour being born. and that's what we should be celebrating even more that the other stuff.
have an amazing week!
Kia Kaha
May the Force be with you!
Sister Judd

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