Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Night at the Museum

So here in Temple View (the community right by the temple hence the cute name) there are MAJOR changes happening to the roads the houses and most importantly the church history centre. So in a couple months they're going to have their very own Church History Museum for all of the South Pacific! That's a big deal here because church history is major here. all the service missionaries who helped build the temple and church college and the people have amazing stories of the first missionaries and Matthew Cowley and it's just a very big part of the culture here. So yesterday there was a "sneak peak" fireside for the museum and i snapped heaps of photos. i'll send you a couple because there are heaps of stories that go along with them so your just going to have to wait till i get home! 

But it so amazing being a part of this amazing work in this country. I have literally fallen in love with it and i'm not sure i'm going to be able to leave. the culture and the love and the people all show me that I am supposed to be here. I know that this work is the work of salvation and ALL of you are involved in it! Talk to your friends about Seminary. Tell your friends how much the church means to you. Share your light and help people realize that they don't have to thirst after anything when they rely on their Saviour. 

I love you SO MUCH!!!! 
Have an amazing week! 
Kia Kaha
May the force be with you
Sister Judd


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