Monday, August 24, 2015

Cleaning the Temple and High School Musical

Kia Ora America! 

This week in the NZ has been a blur. How is it that I feel like i was JUST on the computer emailing yous? Masi'i! 

The past two weeks the temple has been closed for cleaning and so being VC Sisters has some perks :) We got to go in and help them clean the temple! We got to take apart the chandeliers in the Celestial Room and clean the little crystals and then put it all back together! and we did it in two of the Sealing Rooms as well. It was such an amazing and beautiful experience. And also a little weird standing on ladders in the middle of the Celestial Room but we had fun. Another day we also wiped down all the white Book of Mormons and all the railings for the stairs. It was a fun job. such a cool couple of days! 

We have also received some new protocols because our Mission President leaves the same time as me and so our mission rules have been in place since he got her and some missionaries have become very casual with following them. It's like deja vu from a while back when jess was talking about disobedient missionaries sticking out and now it's if you're obedient you stick out like a sore thumb. But oh well. As we follow the mission rules we are blessed. It's just like in life, as we follow the commandments and the council from the prophet and our leaders we will be blessed. Sometimes we don't want to or we don't know why we have this rule or commandment but following it brings us happiness. So we trust in Heavenly Father and know that these things are here to help us and make us stronger and that as we trust in Him we will be blessed because he sees our willingness to turn to Him. 

I hope you all have a great week! Remember that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. He is mindful of each of us and He knows what we're going through. The Atonement isn't just for our sins but our sadness and heartache as well. Turn to Him and our Saviour Jesus Christ when you need comfort and they will be there to help you. Trust Him and things will work out. 

Kia Kaha
Sister Judd

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