Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb. 09

Well, it's my last day at the MTC i leave tomorrow at 8 am to drive down to Hamilton so Happy Birthday Jessica :) I have LOVED the MTC but i am so so so so excited to go out and teach and out to use what i have learned and also lose all the weight that i have gained being here. they feed us soooooo much i could barely zip up my dress today...oops.
my companion leaves for Sydney tomorrow morning at 4:30 and i'm going to miss her so family we are going to Samoa in a year and a half so start saving.
Just some things that maybe you might want to know. My bag broke on the second day so i've been carrying it around all week bc we cant go out and shop until we're out in the field, doing my hair without any appliances has been...interesting. i have learned how to braid my hair so that it can be wavy when i wake up so that's nice. but i'm really excited to go buy a hair dyer and straightener. It has been so cool to be surrounded by so many people from different areas. Meeting people from some countries that i have never even heard of is so interesting. i have been learning their language and trying to leanr phrases to tell you guys. Talofa is hello in Samoan. Ma loule lei is hello in Tongan. Nie Hao is hello in Chinese. thers some more but my comp is a few computers down from me so i cant get the spelling right.
The temple was magical. there were a few elders and sisters who were going through for the first time and the amazing spirit that was felt was overhelming. one of them was in our district, Elder Oten who is from Kiributi and he was endowed and the recieved his patriachial blessing on friday. what an amazing experience for him. He is going to be an amazing missionary. the hamilton temple is so tiny! there is only one endowenment room. it was so beautiful though. i am so blessed that i get to serve in the same area as the The Lord's House. 
Like i said in my last email we were able to have a fireside with Elder Nielson from the area seventy and it was so powerful. at the end of the month Elder Bednar is coming to the MTC to dedicate a part that was just built, and we were so upset when President Gibson told us because we would miss him by a couple weeks, but President told us a couple days ago that they are bussing up the Hamilton and Aukland missioanries to hear him speak so i am SOOOO excited. to personally hear an apostle of the Lord? woah. so i'll definetly let you guys know how that goes down.
A couple things i have leaned here is to trust The Lord 100%. if you don't have trust in The Lord how is He going to help? trust that he''ll help you and he will. i know it. Another thing i have learned is that i'm not here to baptize, i am here to bring souls to Christ and help them recieve eternal life. the last thing i have learned for myself is how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives. Thank Heavenly Father for that blessing. i know that when you do He will bless you with opportunities to share the gospel with others. Heavenly Father has blessed you with the knowledge of the Restored Gospel why shouldn't you want to share it?
I hope you all have a wonderful week and i'll email you on monday (sunday morning for yous) and let you know how my first week in /hamilton was. i want to end this email with my favorite scripture at the moment which is Proverbs 3:5-6 when you trust in The Lord He WILL bless you and direct you. I know it with all my heart.
i love you all SOOOO much and miss you. i hope all is well and i'll talk to you next week.
Sister Judd

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